Subject Index


Wagner and Meissner, corpuscles of:  Peripheral Terminations of Nerves of

General Sensations
Waldeyer, germinal epithelium of:  The Organ of Hearing
odontoblasts of:  The Mouth
zona vasculosa of:  The Ovaries
Wallenburg, basal olfactory bundle of:  Composition and Central Connections of
the Spinal Nerves
Wallerian degeneration:  The Spinal Cord or Medulla Spinalis
Wandering cells:  Tendons, Aponeuroses, and Fasciæ
Wharton, duct of:  The Mouth
jelly of:  Development of the Fetal Membranes and Placenta
Willis, circle of:  The Arteries of the Brain
Windpipe:  The Trachea and Bronchi
Winslow, foramen of:  The Abdominal Aorta
The Digestive Apparatus
The Abdomen
Wirsung, duct of:  The Pancreas
Wisdom teeth:  The Mouth
Wolffian body:  The Urogenital Apparatus
duct:  The Urogenital Apparatus
tubules:  The Urogenital Apparatus
Womb:  The Uterus
Wormian bones:  The Nasal Bones
Wrisberg, cardiac ganglion of:  The Great Plexuses of the Sympathetic System
cartilages of:  The Larynx
ligament of:  The Knee-joint
nerve of:  The Anterior Divisions
nervus intermedius of:  The Facial Nerve
Wrist-joint:  Radiocarpal Articulation or Wrist-joint
surface anatomy of:  Surface Markings of the Upper Extremity