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Sen-Sei-Ro Powder Gold (Kyowa)

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    Sen-Sei-Ro Powder Gold™ slim pack, a dietary supplement containing an exclusively all natural and prepared from Kyowa's Agaricus blazei Murill mushroom is primarily used to reduce symptoms of fatigue, to promote vitality, overall well-being, and to support immune functions. **/*   Normal immune function can decline with age, and are necessary for maintenance of vitality, energy, good health, and quality of life. A few major biomarkers for decreased immune functions are decreased natural killer cell (NK) activity, and the number of lymphocytes and macrophage cells. These cells, primarily attack diseased cells and thereby, maintain body homeostasis, promote health and quality of life. For the past half a century in Brazil and other countries, Agaricus blazei Murill mushroom has been used to restore vitality, and energy, and to serve as a potent tonic conducive to general health and aging concerns. **/*


    The effectiveness of Sen-Sei-Ro Powder Gold™ for health benefits were tested in several controlled pre- and clinical trials in animals and in humans. **/*   Recent studies in Japan, and Korea led researcher to report that in humans, Sen-Sei-Ro Powder Gold™ enhanced NK cell activity, increased the number of macrophage cells (Anticancer Research 17 (1A): 274-284, 1997; Japanese Association of Cancer Research, no. 2268, 1999) and tumor necrosis factor (alpha) (TNF-(alpha))(Japanese Association of Cancer Research, no. 1406, 1999). **/*   Antitumor effects of Sen-Sei-Ro against various murine and dog tumors were thought to be mediated by stimulation of NK cell activity, increased number of macrophage cells, and increased activity of tumor necrosis factor (alpha) (TNF-(alpha))(Japanese J. Veterinary Clin. Medicine 17(2):31-42, 1998). **/*   Recent clinical studies in Japan, and Korea, led researchers to report that Agaricus blazei Murill mushroom extract can be part of an effective treatment for supporting the immune systems of cancer patients by stimulating host defense system (Biotherapy 15(4): 503-507, 2001; Carbohydrate Res. 186(2): 267-273, 1989; Japanese J. Pharmacology 662: 265-271, 1994; Agricultural and Biological Chemistry 54: 2889-2905, 1990). **/*


    Each 1800 mg granulated powder in a slim pack contains 488 mg protein, 820 mg carbohydrate, 47 mg fat, 0.19 mg Sodium; 284 mg food grade cellulose; 5.7 kcal energy.

    Water: 68mg, includes 0.1 mg Fe, 0.24 mg Ca, 37 mg K, 0.01mg thiamine, 0.04mg ergosterol, 0.59mg niacin.


    As a dietary supplement, take 1~3 packs per day. Pour the content into a cup containing warm water or other desirable beverage and mix and drink. Do not heat the pack either in a microwave oven or heating range or leave the pack open since the product does not contain any preservatives. Once the pack is open, drink immediately.


    No subjects have reported any side effects since the dietary supplement was placed for consumers in Japan and Korea for the past 8, and 3 years, respectively. The use of this dietary supplement is generally safe based on two-year chronic toxicity studies of the product by the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and American Association of Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Certification (AAALAC) certified Toxicology Research Center. Toxicity evaluation of general, CNS, reproductive and developmental, cardiovascular, immunology, and the two-year bioassay for carcinogenicity was negative. **/*


    Sen-Sei-Ro Powder Gold™ has not been evaluated in pregnant and breast feeding mothers or children and should consult a physician prior to use. Also consult a physician prior to use if taking a prescription medications.. Keep this product out of the reach of children. Do not use if you are pregnant, can become pregnant or breast feeding. Quality of the dietary supplement is guaranteed for 2 years from the manufactured date, but for more information, please write or call 81-72-257-8568 or 81-3-3512-5032.


    Sen-Sei-Ro Powder Gold™ is high pressure heat sealed. A box contains 30 slim packs of each with 1800mg per pack, and can be purchased directly from company representatives, health food stores, and independent pharmacies. Storage condition keep at room temperature and avoid any direct heat or sun light.

    **/* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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