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THEODORUS BRY [[[Dirk|DIRK]]] DE (1.528-1598), German engraver and publisher, was born at Liege in 1528. In the earlier years of his career he worked at Strassburg. Later he established an engraving and publishing business at Frankfort-on-Main, and also visited London in or before 1587. Here he became acquainted with the geographer Richard Hakluyt, with whose assistance he collected materials for a finely illustrated collection of voyages and travels, Collectiones Peregrinationum in Indiam Orientalem et Indiam Occidentalem (25 parts, 1590-1634). Among other works he engraved a set of 12 plates illustrating the Procession of the Knights of the Garter in 1576, and a set of 34 plates illustrating the Procession at the Obsequies of Sir Philip Sidney; plates for T. Hariot's Briefe and True Report of the new found Land of Virginia (Frankfort, 1595);; the plates for the first four volumes of J. J. Boissard's Romanae Urbis Topographic et Antiquitates (1597-1598), and a series of portraits entitled Icones Virorum Illustrium (1597-1599). De Bry died at Frankfort on the 27th of March 1598. He had been assisted by his eldest son Johannes Theodorus de Bry (1561-1623), who after his father's death carried on the Collectiones and the illustration of Boissard's work, and also added to the Icones. His brother Johannes Israel de Bry (d. 1611) collaborated with him.

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