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SIR GEORGE HARVEY (1806-1876), Scottish painter, the son of a watchmaker, was born at St Ninians, near Stirling, in February 1806. Soon after his birth his parents removed to Stirling, where George was apprenticed to a bookseller. His love for art having, however, become very decided, in his eighteenth year he entered the Trustees' Academy at Edinburg Here he so distinguished himself that in 1826 he was invite by the Scottish artists, who had resolved to found a Scottis academy, to join it as an associate. Harvey's first pictur: "A Village School," was exhibited in 1826 at the Edinburg Institution; and from the time of the opening of the Academ in the following year he continued annually to exhibit. Hi best-known pictures are those depicting historical episod - in religious history from a puritan or evangelical point of vies such as "Covenanters Preaching," "Covenanters' Communion," John Bunyan and his Blind Daughter," Sabbath Evening, and the "Quitting of the Manse." He was, however, equall popular in Scotland for subjects not directly religious; an "The Bowlers," "A Highland Funeral," "The Curlers," "Schule Skailin'," and "Children Blowing Bubbles in the Churc yard of Greyfriars', Edinburgh," manifest the same close obsery. tion of character, artistic conception and conscientious elabor. tion of details. In "The Night Mail" and "Dawn Revealin the New World to Columbus" the aspects of nature are ma. use of in different ways, but with equal happiness, to len impressiveness and solemnity to human concerns. He als painted landscapes and portraits. In 1829 he was elected fellow of the Royal Scottish Academy; in 1864 he succeede Sir J. W. Gordon as president; and he was knighted in 186 He died at Edinburgh on the 22nd of January 1876.

Sir George Harvey was the author of a paper on the "Colour the Atmosphere," read before the Edinburgh Royal Society, an afterwards published with illustrations in Good Words; and 1870 he published a small volume entitled Notes of the Early Histo of the Royal Scottish Academy. Selections from the Works of S George Harvey, P.R.S.A., described by the Rev. A. L. Simpso F.S.A. Scot., and photographed by Thomas Annan, appeared Edinburgh in 1869.

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