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"ELEANOR MILDRED SIDGWICK (1845-), British educationalist, was born in Scotland, March I 11845, the daughter of James Balfour of Whittingehame and his wife Lady Blanche Cecil. She was thus the sister of Mr. Arthur James Balfour. She was educated at home, and in 1876 married the philosopher Henry Sidgwick (see 2J.39). Mr. and Mrs. Sidgwick were both much interested in the advancement of the higher education of women, and were actively concerned in the founding (1880) of Newnham College, Cambridge, of which Miss Clough was the first principal. On the death of Miss Clough in 1892, Mrs. Sidgwick succeeded her as principal, and retained the position until 1910. In that year she retired, and until 1919 was bursar of the college. Mrs. Sidgwick shared her husband's interest in psychical phenomena, and in 1910 became secretary of the Society for Psychical Research.

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