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nervimotility (ner-vi-mo-til′i-te)
Capability of movement in response to a nervous stimulus. SYN: neurimotility.

nervimotion (ner-vi-mo′shun)
Movement in response to a nervous stimulus.

nervimotor (ner-vi-mo′ter)
Relating to a motor nerve. SYN: neurimotor.

nervine (ner′vin)
Acting therapeutically, especially as a sedative, upon the nervous system.

nervone (ner′von)
A cerebroside containing a nervonyl moiety.

nervonic acid (ner-von′-ik)
A 24-carbon straight-chain fatty acid unsaturated between C-15 and C-16; occurs in cerebrosides such as nervone.

nervous (ner′vus)
1. Relating to a nerve or the nerves. 2. Easily excited or agitated; suffering from mental or emotional instability; tense or anxious. 3. Formerly, denoting a temperament characterized by excessive mental and physical alertness, rapid pulse, excitability, often volubility, but not always fixity of purpose. [L. nervosus]

nervous breakdown
Nonmedical term for an emotional or mental illness; often a euphemism for a psychiatric disorder.

nervousness (ner′vus-nes)
A condition of being nervous (2).

nervus, gen. and pl. nervi (ner′vus, -vi) [TA]
SYN: nerve. [L.] n. abducens [CN VI] [TA] SYN: abducent nerve [CN VI]. n. accessorius [CN XI] [TA] SYN: accessory nerve [CN XI]. n. acusticus SYN: vestibulocochlear nerve [CN VIII]. nervi alveolares superiores [TA] SYN: superior alveolar nerves, under nerve. nervi alveolares superiores anteriores [TA] n. alveolaris inferior [TA] SYN: inferior alveolar nerve. n. ampullaris anterior [TA] SYN: anterior ampullary nerve. n. ampullaris lateralis [TA] SYN: lateral ampullar nerve. n. ampullaris posterior [TA] SYN: posterior ampullar nerve. nervi anales inferiores [TA] SYN: inferior anal nerves, under nerve. n. anococcygeus SYN: anococcygeal nerve. n. antebrachii anterior SYN: anterior interosseous nerve. n. antebrachii posterior SYN: posterior interosseous nerve. n. articularis SYN: articular nerve. nervi auriculares anteriores [TA] SYN: anterior auricular nerves, under nerve. n. auricularis magnus [TA] SYN: great auricular nerve. n. auricularis posterior [TA] SYN: posterior auricular nerve. n. auriculotemporalis [TA] SYN: auriculotemporal nerve. n. autonomicus [TA] SYN: autonomic nerve. n. axillaris [TA] SYN: axillary nerve. n. buccalis [TA] SYN: buccal nerve. n. canalis pterygoidei [TA] SYN: nerve of pterygoid canal. nervi cardiaci thoracici SYN: thoracic cardiac branches of thoracic ganglia, under branch. n. cardiacus cervicalis inferior [TA] SYN: inferior cervical cardiac nerve. n. cardiacus cervicalis medius [TA] SYN: middle cervical cardiac nerve. n. cardiacus cervicalis superior [TA] SYN: superior cervical cardiac nerve. nervi carotici externi [TA] SYN: external carotid nerves, under nerve. nervi caroticotympanicus SYN: caroticotympanic nerves, under nerve. n. caroticus internus [TA] SYN: internal carotid nerve. nervi cavernosi clitoridis [TA] SYN: cavernous nerves of clitoris, under nerve. nervi cavernosi penis [TA] SYN: cavernous nerves of penis, under nerve. nervi cervicales [C1–C8] SYN: cervical nerves [C1–C8], under nerve. n. cervicalis superficialis SYN: transverse cervical nerve. n. ciliaris brevis, pl .nervi ciliares breves [TA] SYN: short ciliary nerve. n. ciliaris longus, pl .nervi ciliares longi [TA] SYN: long ciliary nerve. nervi clunium inferiores [TA] SYN: inferior clunial nerves, under nerve. nervi clunium medii [TA] SYN: medial clunial nerves, under nerve. nervi clunium superiores [TA] SYN: superior clunial nerves, under nerve. n. coccygeus [Co] [TA] SYN: coccygeal nerve [Co]. n. cochlearis [TA] SYN: cochlear nerve. SEE ALSO: cochlear root of VIII nerve. n. communicans fibularis SYN: sural communicating branch of common fibular nerve. n. communicans peroneus SYN: sural communicating branch of common fibular nerve. nervi craniales [TA] SYN: cranial nerves, under nerve. n. cutaneus [TA] SYN: cutaneous nerve. n. cutaneus antebrachii lateralis [TA] SYN: lateral cutaneous nerve of forearm. n. cutaneus antebrachii medialis [TA] SYN: medial cutaneous nerve of forearm. n. cutaneus antebrachii posterior [TA] SYN: posterior cutaneous nerve of forearm. n. cutaneus brachii lateralis inferior [TA] SYN: inferior lateral cutaneous nerve of arm. n. cutaneus brachii lateralis superior [TA] SYN: upper lateral cutaneous nerve of arm. n. cutaneus brachii medialis [TA] SYN: medial cutaneous nerve of arm. n. cutaneus brachii posterior [TA] SYN: posterior cutaneous nerve of arm. n. cutaneus dorsalis intermedius [TA] SYN: intermediate dorsal cutaneous nerve. n. cutaneus dorsalis lateralis [TA] SYN: lateral dorsal cutaneous nerve. n. cutaneus dorsalis medialis [TA] SYN: medial dorsal cutaneous nerve. n. cutaneus femoris lateralis [TA] SYN: lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh. n. cutaneus femoris posterior [TA] SYN: posterior cutaneous nerve of thigh. n. cutaneus surae lateralis [TA] SYN: lateral sural cutaneous nerve. n. cutaneus surae medialis [TA] SYN: medial sural cutaneous nerve. nervi digitales dorsales SYN: dorsal digital nerves of hand, under nerve. nervi digitales dorsales nervi fibularis profundi [TA] SYN: dorsal digital nerves of deep fibular nerve, under nerve. nervi digitales dorsales nervi fibularis superficialis [TA] SYN: dorsal digital nerves of superficial fibular nerve, under nerve. nervi digitales dorsales nervi ulnaris [TA] SYN: dorsal digital nerves of ulnar nerve, under nerve. nervi digitales dorsales pedis [TA] SYN: dorsal digital nerves of foot, under nerve. nervi digitales palmares communes [TA] SYN: common palmar digital nerves, under nerve. nervi digitales palmares proprii [TA] SYN: proper palmar digital nerves, under nerve. nervi digitales plantares communes [TA] SYN: common plantar digital nerves, under nerve. nervi digitales plantares proprii [TA] SYN: proper plantar digital nerves, under nerve. n. dorsalis clitoridis [TA] SYN: dorsal nerve of clitoris. n. dorsalis penis [TA] SYN: dorsal nerve of penis. n. dorsalis scapulae [TA] SYN: dorsal scapular nerve. nervi erigentes SYN: pelvic splanchnic nerves, under nerve. n. ethmoidalis anterior [TA] SYN: anterior ethmoidal nerve. n. ethmoidalis posterior [TA] SYN: posterior ethmoidal nerve. n. facialis [CN VII] [TA] SYN: facial nerve [CN VII]. n. femoralis [TA] SYN: femoral nerve. n. fibularis communis [TA] SYN: common fibular nerve. n. fibularis profundus [TA] SYN: deep fibular nerve. n. fibularis superficialis [TA] SYN: superficial fibular nerve. n. frontalis [TA] SYN: frontal nerve. n. furcalis SYN: fourth lumbar nerve [L4]. n. genitofemoralis [TA] SYN: genitofemoral nerve. n. glossopharyngeus [CN IX] [TA] SYN: glossopharyngeal nerve [CN IX]. n. gluteus inferior [TA] SYN: inferior gluteal nerve. n. gluteus superior [TA] SYN: superior gluteal nerve. n. hemorrhoidalis superior rectal (nervous) plexus, inferior anal nerves, under nerve. n. hypogastricus [TA] SYN: hypogastric nerve. n. hypoglossus [CN XII] [TA] SYN: hypoglossal nerve [CN XII]. n. iliohypogastricus [TA] SYN: iliohypogastric nerve. n. ilioinguinalis [TA] SYN: ilioinguinal nerve. n. impar SYN: terminal filum. n. infraorbitalis [TA] SYN: infraorbital nerve. n. infratrochlearis [TA] SYN: infratrochlear nerve. nervi intercostales [TA] SYN: intercostal nerves, under nerve. nervi intercostobrachiales [TA] SYN: intercostobrachial nerves, under nerve. n. intermedius [TA] SYN: intermediate nerve. n. interosseus antebrachii anterior [TA] SYN: anterior interosseous nerve. n. interosseus antebrachii posterior [TA] SYN: posterior interosseous nerve. n. interosseus cruris [TA] SYN: crural interosseous nerve. n. interosseus dorsalis SYN: posterior interosseous nerve. n. interosseus posterior SYN: posterior interosseous nerve. n. ischiadicus [TA] SYN: sciatic nerve. n. jugularis [TA] SYN: jugular nerve. nervi labiales anteriores [TA] SYN: anterior labial nerves, under nerve. nervi labiales posteriores [TA] SYN: posterior labial nerves, under nerve. n. lacrimalis [TA] SYN: lacrimal nerve. n. laryngeus inferior [TA] SYN: inferior laryngeal nerve. n. laryngeus recurrens [TA] SYN: recurrent laryngeal nerve. n. laryngeus superior [TA] SYN: superior laryngeal nerve. n. lingualis [TA] SYN: lingual nerve. nervi lumbales SYN: lumbar nerves [L1–L5], under nerve. n. mandibularis [CN V3] [TA] SYN: mandibular nerve [CN V3]. n. massetericus [TA] SYN: masseteric nerve. n. maxillaris [CN V2] [TA] SYN: maxillary nerve [CN V2]. n. meatus acustici externi [TA] SYN: nerve to external acoustic meatus. n. medianus [TA] SYN: median nerve. n. mentalis [TA] SYN: mental nerve. n. mixtus [TA] SYN: mixed nerve. n. musculi tensoris tympani [TA] SYN: nerve to tensor tympani (muscle). n. musculi tensoris veli palatini [TA] SYN: nerve to tensor veli palatini (muscle). n. musculocutaneus [TA] SYN: musculocutaneous nerve. n. mylohyoideus [TA] SYN: nerve to mylohyoid. n. nasociliaris [TA] SYN: nasociliary nerve. n. nasopalatinus [TA] SYN: nasopalatine nerve. nervi nervorum nerves distributed to the sheaths of nerve trunks. n. obturatorius [TA] SYN: obturator nerve. n. occipitalis major [TA] SYN: greater occipital nerve. n. occipitalis minor [TA] SYN: lesser occipital nerve. n. occipitalis tertius [TA] SYN: third occipital nerve. n. octavus SYN: vestibulocochlear nerve [CN VIII]. n. oculomotorius [CN III] [TA] SYN: oculomotor nerve [CN III]. n. olfactorii [CN I] [TA] SYN: olfactory nerves [CN I], under nerve. SEE ALSO: olfactory tract. n. ophthalmicus [CN V1] [TA] SYN: ophthalmic nerve [CN V1]. n. opticus [CN II] [TA] SYN: optic nerve [CN II]. nervi palatini minores [TA] SYN: lesser palatine nerves, under nerve. n. palatinus major [TA] SYN: greater palatine nerve. n. pectoralis lateralis [TA] SYN: lateral pectoral nerve. n. pectoralis medialis [TA] SYN: medial pectoral nerve. nervi pelvici splanchnici [TA] SYN: pelvic splanchnic nerves, under nerve. nervi perineales [TA] SYN: perineal nerves, under nerve. n. peroneus communis common fibular nerve. n. peroneus profundus deep fibular nerve. n. peroneus superficialis superficial fibular nerve. n. petrosus major [TA] SYN: greater petrosal nerve. n. petrosus minor [TA] SYN: lesser petrosal nerve. n. petrosus profundus [TA] SYN: deep petrosal nerve. n. pharyngeus [TA] SYN: pharyngeal nerve. nervi phrenici accessorii [TA] SYN: accessory phrenic nerves, under nerve. n. phrenicus [TA] SYN: phrenic nerve. n. plantaris lateralis [TA] SYN: lateral plantar nerve. n. plantaris medialis [TA] SYN: medial plantar nerve. n. presacralis superior hypogastric (nervous) plexus. n. pterygoideus [TA] SYN: pterygoid nerve. nervi pterygopalatini SYN: sensory root of pterygopalatine ganglion. n. pudendus [TA] SYN: pudendal nerve. n. radialis [TA] SYN: radial nerve. nervi rectales inferiores inferior anal nerves, under nerve. n. saccularis [TA] SYN: saccular nerve. nervi sacrales [S1–S5] SYN: sacral nerves [S1–S5], under nerve. n. saphenus [TA] SYN: saphenous nerve. n. sciaticus SYN: sciatic nerve. nervi scrotales anteriores [TA] SYN: anterior scrotal nerves, under nerve. nervi scrotales posteriores [TA] SYN: posterior scrotal nerves, under nerve. n. spermaticus externus SYN: genital branch of genitofemoral nerve. nervi sphenopalatini SYN: sensory root of pterygopalatine ganglion. nervi spinales [TA] SYN: spinal nerves, under nerve. n. spinosus meningeal branch of mandibular nerve. nervi splanchnici lumbales [TA] SYN: lumbar splanchnic nerves, under nerve. nervi splanchnici sacrales [TA] SYN: sacral splanchnic nerves, under nerve. n. splanchnicus imus [TA] SYN: least splanchnic nerve. n. splanchnicus major [TA] SYN: greater splanchnic nerve. n. splanchnicus minor [TA] SYN: lesser splanchnic nerve. n. stapedius [TA] SYN: nerve to stapedius muscle. n. statoacusticus SYN: vestibulocochlear nerve [CN VIII]. n. subclavius [TA] SYN: subclavian nerve. n. subcostalis [TA] SYN: subcostal nerve. n. sublingualis [TA] SYN: sublingual nerve. n. suboccipitalis [TA] SYN: suboccipital nerve. nervi subscapulares [TA] SYN: subscapular nerves, under nerve. n. supraclavicularis intermedius [TA] SYN: intermediate supraclavicular nerve. n. supraclavicularis lateralis [TA] SYN: lateral supraclavicular nerve. n. supraclavicularis medialis [TA] SYN: medial supraclavicular nerve. n. supraorbitalis [TA] SYN: supraorbital nerve. n. suprascapularis [TA] SYN: suprascapular nerve. n. supratrochlearis [TA] SYN: supratrochlear nerve. n. suralis [TA] SYN: sural nerve. nervi temporales profundi [TA] SYN: deep temporal nerves, under nerve. n. tentorii SYN: tentorial nerve. n. terminalis [TA] SYN: terminal nerve. nervi thoracici [T1–12] SYN: thoracic nerves [T1–T12], under nerve. n. thoracicus longus [TA] SYN: long thoracic nerve. n. thoracodorsalis [TA] SYN: thoracodorsal nerve. n. tibialis [TA] SYN: tibial nerve. n. transversus cervicalis transverse cervical nerve. n. transversus colli [TA] SYN: transverse cervical nerve. n. trigeminus [CN V] [TA] SYN: trigeminal nerve [CN V]. n. trochlearis [CN IV] [TA] SYN: trochlear nerve [CN IV]. n. tympanicus [TA] SYN: tympanic nerve. n. ulnaris [TA] SYN: ulnar nerve. n. utricularis [TA] SYN: utricular nerve. n. utriculoampullaris [TA] SYN: utriculoampullar nerve. nervi vaginales [TA] SYN: vaginal nerves, under nerve. n. vagus [CN X] [TA] SYN: vagus nerve [CN X]. nervi vascularorum [TA] SYN: vascular nerves, under nerve. n. vertebralis SYN: vertebral nerve. n. vestibularis [TA] SYN: vestibular nerve. SEE ALSO: vestibular root of vestibulocochlear nerve. n. vestibulocochlearis [CN VIII] [TA] SYN: vestibulocochlear nerve [CN VIII]. See entries under radix. n. zygomaticus [TA] SYN: zygomatic nerve.

nesidiectomy (ne-sid′e-ek′to-me)
Excision of islet tissue of the pancreas. [G. nesidion, islet, dim. of nesos, island, + ektome, excision]

nesidioblast (ne-sid′e-o-blast)
A pancreatic islet-forming cell. [G. nesidion, dim. of nesos, island, + blastos, germ]

nesidioblastosis (ne-sid′e-o-blas-to′sis)
Hyperplasia of the cells of the islets of Langerhans. [nesidioblast + G. -osis, tumor]

A., German chemist, 1827–1905. See N. reagent.

nesslerize (nes′ler-iz)
To treat with Nessler reagent; used in the determination of urea nitrogen in the blood and in the urine.

A group or collection of similar objects. SEE ALSO: nidus. [A.S.] Brunn n. glandlike invagination of surface transitional epithelium in the epithelium of the lower urinary tract. cell n. a small focus or accumulation of one type of cell that is different from the other cells in the tissue. epithelial n. SYN: keratin pearl. isogenous n. a clone of cartilage cells all from one progenitor cell and occurring as a cluster.

SYN: network (1) . Chiari n. abnormal fibrous or lacelike strands in the right atrium, extending from the margins of the coronary or caval valves and attaching to the atrial wall along the line of the crista terminalis; results when resorption of the septum spurium is markedly less than normal. chromidial n. a reticulum of basophilic-staining material in the cytoplasm of certain cells.

Earl W., 20th century U.S. dermatologist. See N. syndrome.

netilmicin sulfate (net-il-mi′sin)
A parenteral aminoglycoside antibiotic used for short-term treatment of serious or life-threatening bacterial infections.

nettle (net′l)
SYN: urtica. [A.S. netele]

network (net′werk)
1. A structure bearing a resemblance to a woven fabric. A n. of nerve fibers or small vessels. SYN: net, rete (1) . SEE ALSO: reticulum. 2. The persons in a patient's environment, especially as significant for the course of the illness. acromial arterial n. SYN: acromial anastomosis of the thoracoacromial artery. arteriolar n. SYN: arterial plexus. articular n. SYN: articular vascular plexus. See plane joint. articular vascular n. SYN: articular vascular plexus. articular vascular n. of elbow SYN: cubital anastomosis. articular vascular n. of knee SYN: genicular anastomosis. calcaneal arterial n. SYN: calcaneal anastomosis. chromatin n. the appearance of basophilic material in the nuclei of many cells after fixation. SEE ALSO: chromatin. dorsal carpal n. SYN: dorsal carpal arterial arch. dorsal venous n. of foot [TA] a superficial n. of fine veins on the dorsum of the foot. SYN: rete venosum dorsale pedis [TA] . dorsal venous n. of hand [TA] a superficial n. of veins on the dorsum of the hand emptying into the cephalic and the basilic veins. SYN: rete venosum dorsale manus [TA] . lateral malleolar n. [TA] a n. over the lateral malleolus formed by branches of the posterior lateral malleolar, anterior lateral malleolar, peroneal, and lateral tarsal arteries. SYN: rete malleolare laterale [TA] . linin n. linin (3) . medial malleolar n. [TA] a n. over the medial malleolus formed by branches from the anterior and posterior medial malleolar and medial tarsal arteries. SYN: rete malleolare mediale [TA] . neurofibrillar n. the intertwined patterns formed by neurofibrils in the neuron. patellar n. SYN: patellar anastomosis. peritarsal n. the lymphatic vessels along the margin of the eyelid. plantar venous n. [TA] a fine superficial venous n. in the sole of the foot. SYN: rete venosum plantare [TA] . Purkinje n. the n. formed by Purkinje fibers beneath the endocardium. subpapillary n. the capillary blood vessels in the deeper layers of the skin. trabecular n. SYN: trabecular tissue of sclera.

Abbreviation for N-acetylneuraminic acid.

Johann E., German anatomist, 1742–1777. See N. artery.

Fred, German bacteriologist, 1869–1945. See N. reaction, N. capsular swelling.

Ernst F.C., German histologist, anatomist, and pathologist, 1834–1918. See N. sheath, Rouget-N. sheath.

Franz E., German physicist, 1798–1895. See N. law.

Isidor Edler von Heilwart, Austrian dermatologist, 1832–1906. See N. disease.

neur-, neuri-, neuro-
Nerve, nerve tissue, the nervous system. [G. neuron]

neural (noor′al)
1. Relating to any structure composed of nerve cells or their processes, or that on further development will evolve into nerve cells. 2. Referring to the dorsal side of the vertebral bodies or their precursors, where the spinal cord is located, as opposed to hemal (2). [G. neuron, nerve]

neuralgia (noo-ral′je-a)
Pain of a severe, throbbing, or stabbing character in the course or distribution of a nerve. SYN: neurodynia. [neur- + G. algos, pain] atypical facial n. SYN: atypical trigeminal n.. atypical trigeminal n. periodic pain in any region of the face, teeth, tongue, and occasionally in the occipital or shoulder area, which lasts several minutes to several days but has no trigger point and lacks the paroxysmal character of tic douloureux. SYN: atypical facial n.. epileptiform n. SYN: trigeminal n.. facial n. SYN: trigeminal n.. n. facialis vera SYN: geniculate n.. Fothergill n. SYN: trigeminal n.. geniculate n. a severe paroxysmal lancinating pain deep in the ear, on the anterior wall of the external meatus, and on a small area just in front of the pinna. SYN: geniculate otalgia, Hunt n., n. facialis vera. glossopharyngeal n. paroxysmal lancinating pain in the throat or palate. SYN: glossopharyngeal tic. hallucinatory n. an impression of local pain persisting after an attack of n. has ceased. Hunt n. SYN: geniculate n.. idiopathic n. nerve pain not due to any apparent cause. intercostal n. pain in the chest wall due to n. of one or more of the intercostal nerves. mammary n. n. of the intercostal nerve or nerves supplying the breast. Morton n. n. of an interdigital nerve, usually the anastomotic branch between the medial and lateral plantar nerves, resulting from compression of the nerve by the metatarsophalangeal joint. SYN: Morton metatarsalgia, Morton neuroma. occipital n. posttraumatic neck syndrome. periodic migrainous n. recurrent facial pain and headache, more common in men than in women. SYN: Harris migraine. sciatic n. SYN: sciatica. Sluder n. SYN: sphenopalatine n.. sphenopalatine n. n. of the lower half of the face, with pain referred to the root of the nose, upper teeth, eyes, ears, mastoid, and occiput, in association with nasal congestion and rhinorrhea occurring in infection of the nasal sinuses, and produced by lesions of the sphenopalatine ganglion; ocular hyperemia and excessive lacrimation may occur. SYN: Sluder n.. stump n. pain experienced as coming from an absent part, caused by irritation of neuromas in the scarred tissue of an amputation stump. suboccipital n. posttraumatic neck syndrome. supraorbital n. n. of the supraorbital nerve. symptomatic n. n. occurring as a symptom of some local or systemic disease not involving primarily nerve structures. trifacial n. SYN: trigeminal n.. trigeminal n. severe, paroxysmal bursts of pain in one or more branches of the trigeminal nerve; often induced by touching trigger points in or about the mouth. SYN: epileptiform n., facial n., Fothergill disease (1) , Fothergill n., tic douloureux, trifacial n..

neuralgic (noo-ral′jik)
Relating to, resembling, or of the character of, neuralgia.

neuralgiform (noo-ral′ji-form)
Resembling or of the character of neuralgia.

neuramebimeter (noor′am-e-bim′e-ter)
An instrument for measuring the rapidity of response of a nerve to any stimulus. [neur- + G. amoibe, exchange, return, answer, + metron, measure]

neuraminic acid (noor′a-min′ik)
An aldol product of d-mannosamine and pyruvic acid, linking the C-1 of the former to the C-3 of the latter. The N- and O-acyl derivatives of n. are known as sialic acids and are constituents of gangliosides and of the polysaccharide components of muco- and glycoproteins from many tissues, secretions, and species. SYN: prehemataminic acid.

neuraminidase (noor-a-min′i-das)
SYN: sialidase.

neuranagenesis (noor′an-a-jen′e-sis)
Regeneration of a nerve. [neur- + G. ana, up, again, + genesis, origin]


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