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periaortitis (per′e-a-or-ti′tis)
Inflammation of the adventitia of the aorta and of the tissues surrounding it.

periapex (per′e-a′peks)
The periapical structures, particularly periodontal membrane and adjacent bone. [peri- L. apex, tip]

periapical (per-e-ap′i-kal)
1. At or around the apex of a root of a tooth. 2. Denoting the periapex.

periappendicitis (per′e-a-pen-di-si′tis)
Inflammation of the tissue surrounding the vermiform appendix. SYN: para-appendicitis. p. decidualis the presence of decidual cells in the peritoneum of the vermiform appendix in cases of right tubal pregnancy with adhesions between the fallopian tube and the appendix.

periappendicular (per′e-ap-en-dik′u-lar)
Surrounding an appendix, especially the vermiform appendix.

periarterial (per′e-ar-te′re-al)
Surrounding an artery.

periarteritis (per′e-ar-ter-i′tis)
Inflammation of the adventitia of an artery. SYN: exarteritis. p. nodosa SYN: polyarteritis nodosa.

periarthric (per′e-ar′thrik)
SYN: circumarticular.

periarthritis (per′e-ar-thri′tis)
Inflammation of the parts surrounding a joint. [peri- + arthritis]

periarticular (per′e-ar-tik′u-lar)
SYN: circumarticular.

periatrial (per′e-a′tre-al)
Surrounding the atrium of the heart. SYN: periauricular (1) .

periauricular (per′e-aw-rik′u-lar)
1. SYN: periatrial. 2. SYN: periconchal. 3. Around the external ear.

periaxial (per′e-ak′se-al)
Surrounding an axis.

periaxillary (per′e-ak′se-lar-e)
SYN: circumaxillary.

periaxonal (per′e-ak′so-nal)
Surrounding the axon of a nerve. [peri- + G. axon, axis]

periblast (per′i-blast)
A specialized region of yolk surface immediately peripheral to the blastoderm in telolecithal eggs. [peri- + G. blastos, germ]

peribronchial (per-i-brong′ke-al)
Surrounding a bronchus or the bronchi.

peribronchiolar (per-i-brong′ke-o′lar)
Surrounding the bronchioles.

peribronchiolitis (per′i-brong′ke-o-li′tis)
Inflammation of the tissues surrounding the bronchioles.

peribronchitis (per′i-brong-ki′tis)
Inflammation of the tissues surrounding the bronchi or bronchial tubes.

peribuccal (per′i-buk′al)
Surrounding the cheek.

peribulbar (per-i-bul′bar)
Surrounding any bulb, especially the eyeball or the bulb of the urethra. SYN: circumbulbar.

peribursal (per-i-ber′sal)
Surrounding a bursa.

pericanalicular (per′i-kan-a-lik′oo-lar)
Surrounding a canaliculus.

pericardectomy (per′i-kar-dek′to-me)
SYN: pericardiectomy.

pericardia (per-i-kar′de-a)
Plural of pericardium.

pericardiac, pericardial (per-i-kar′de-ak, -de-al)
1. Surrounding the heart. 2. Relating to the pericardium.

pericardicentesis (per-i-kar′de-sen-te′sis)
SYN: pericardiocentesis.

pericardiectomy (per′i-kar-de-ek′to-me)
Excision of a portion of the pericardium. SYN: pericardectomy. [pericardium + G. ektome, excision] radical p. excision of almost the entire pericardium.

pericardiocentesis (per-i-kar′de-o-sen-te′sis)
Needle or catheter drainage of the pericardium. SYN: pericardial tap, pericardicentesis. [peri- + G. kardia, heart, + kentesis, puncture]

pericardiology (per-e-kar-de-ol′o-je)
The science or study of the pericardium, its physiology, and diseases.

pericardioperitoneal (per-i-kar′de-o-per-i-to-ne′al)
Relating to the pericardial and peritoneal cavities.

pericardiophrenic (per-i-kar′de-o-fren′ik)
Relating to the pericardium and the diaphragm. [pericardium + G. phren, diaphragm]

pericardiopleural (per-i-kar′de-o-ploor′al)
Relating to the pericardial and pleural cavities.

pericardiorrhaphy (per′i-kar-de-or′a-fe)
Suture of the pericardium. [pericardium + G. rhaphe, suture]

pericardiostomy (per′i-kar-de-os′to-me)
Establishment of an opening into the pericardium. [pericardium + G. stoma, mouth]

pericardiotomy (per′i-kar-de-ot′o-me)
Incision into the pericardium. SYN: pericardotomy. [pericardium + G. tome, incision]

pericarditic (per′i-kar-dit′ik)
Relating to pericarditis.

pericarditis (per′i-kar-di′tis)
Inflammation of the pericardium. acute fibrinous p. the usual lesion of acute p. in which inflammation produces large quantities of fibrin. adhesive p. p. with adhesions between the two pericardial layers, between the pericardium and heart, or between the pericardium and neighboring structures. SYN: adherent pericardium. bacterial p. p. produced by bacterial infection. p. calculosa pericardial calcification owing to antecedent p.. carcinomatous p. p. due to infiltration of carcinomatous cells, usually from surrounding structures. chronic constrictive p. scarring of the pericardium with thickening of the membrane and prolonged constriction of the cardiac chambers. constrictive p. postinflammatory thickening and scarring of the membrane producing constriction of the cardiac chambers; may be acute, subacute, or chronic. Formerly called chronic constrictive p.. dry p. pericardial inflammation in the absence of demonstrable pericardial effusion. epistenocardiac p. p. accompanying transmural myocardial infarction and limited to the area over the infarct. SYN: p. epistenocardica. p. epistenocardica SYN: epistenocardiac p.. fibrinous p. acute p. with fibrinous exudate. SEE ALSO: bread-and-butter pericardium. SYN: hairy heart, p. villosa, shaggy pericardium. fibrous p. scarring, usually with adhesions, of all or most of the pericardium. hemorrhagic p. p. with bloodstained effusion. internal adhesive p. SYN: concretio cordis. p. obliterans inflammation of the pericardium leading to adhesion of the two layers, obliterating the sac. SEE ALSO: adhesive p.. obliterative p. complete obliteration by postinflammatory adhesions of the pericardial cavity. postmyocardial infarction p. an acute form of p. usually developing 1 week after a myocardial infarction. postpericardiotomy p. a syndrome characterized by fever, substernal chest pain, and pericardial rub following cardiac surgery. posttraumatic p. pericardial inflammation developing following injury to the chest. purulent p. p., usually bacterial, with pus in the sac. SYN: empyema of the pericardium, pyopericardium. rheumatic p. fibrinous p. occurring in acute rheumatic fever. p. sicca fibrinous p. without significant pericardial effusion. tuberculous p. p. caused by tuberculosis infection. uremic p. fibrinous p. seen in chronic renal failure. p. villosa SYN: fibrinous p.. viral p. p. due to a viral infection. p. with effusion pericardial inflammation producing excess pericardial fluid.

pericardium, pl .pericardia (per-i-kar′de-um, -a) [TA]
The fibroserous membrane, consisting of mesothelium and submesothelial connective tissue, covering the heart and beginning of the great vessels. It is a closed sac having two layers: the visceral layer (epicardium), immediately surrounding and applied to all the heart's surfaces, and the outer parietal layer, forming the sac, composed of strong fibrous tissue lined with a serous membrane. The phrenic nerves pass to the diaphragm through the anterior p. and divide the p. into antephrenic and retrophrenic portions; the pulmonary hilum divides both of these portions into suprahilar, hilar, and infrahilar portions. SYN: capsula cordis, heart sac, membrana cordis, theca cordis. [L. fr. G. pericardion, the membrane around the heart] adherent p. SYN: adhesive pericarditis. bread-and-butter p. fibrinous pericarditis in which the visceral and parietal surfaces of the p. resemble those of two pieces of buttered bread that have been pressed together and then pulled apart, when they are separated at surgery or necropsy. p. fibrosum [TA] SYN: fibrous p.. fibrous p. [TA] See p.. SYN: p. fibrosum [TA] . p. serosum SYN: serous p.. serous p. [TA] See p.. SYN: p. serosum. shaggy p. SYN: fibrinous pericarditis. visceral p. the layer of the pericardial sac on the epicardial surface of the heart. It is composed mainly of a single layer of mesothelium.

pericardotomy (per-i-kar-dot′o-me)
SYN: pericardiotomy.

pericecal (per′i-se′kal)
Surrounding the cecum. SYN: perityphlic.

pericellular (per-i-sel′u-lar)
Surrounding a cell. SYN: pericytial.

pericemental (per′i-se-men′tal)
SYN: periodontal.

pericentral (per-i-sen′tral)
Surrounding the center.

pericholangitis (per′i-ko-lan-ji′tis)
Inflammation of the tissues around the bile ducts. SYN: periangiocholitis. [peri- + G. chole, bile, + angeion, vessel, + -itis, inflammation]

perichondral, perichondrial (per-i-kon′dral, -kon′dre-al)
Relating to the perichondrium.

perichondritis (per′i-kon-dri′tis)
Inflammation of the perichondrium. peristernal p. SYN: Tietze syndrome. relapsing p. SYN: relapsing polychondritis.

perichondrium (per-i-kon′dre-um) [TA]
The dense irregular connective tissue membrane around cartilage. [peri- + G. chondros, cartilage]

perichord (per′i-kord)
Sheath of the notochord.

perichordal (per-i-kor′dal)
Relating to the perichord.

perichoroidal (per-i-ko-roy′dal)
Surrounding the choroid coat of the eye.

perichrome (per′i-krom)
Denoting a nerve cell in which the chromophil substance, or stainable material, is scattered throughout the cytoplasm. [peri- + G. chroma, a color]

pericolic (per′i-kol′ik)
Surrounding or encircling the colon.

pericolitis (per′i-ko-li′tis)
Inflammation of the connective tissue or peritoneum surrounding the colon. SYN: pericolonitis, serocolitis. p. dextra p. involving the ascending colon. p. sinistra SYN: perisigmoiditis.

pericolonitis (per′i-ko-lon-i′tis)
SYN: pericolitis.

pericolpitis (per′i-kol-pi′tis)
SYN: perivaginitis. [peri- + G. kolpos, bosom (vagina), + -itis, inflammation]

periconchal (per′i-kong′kal)
Surrounding the concha of the auricle. SYN: periauricular (2) .

pericorneal (per-i-kor′ne-al)
Surrounding the cornea. SYN: circumcorneal, perikeratic.

pericoronal (per-i-kor′o-nal)
Around the crown of a tooth.

pericoronitis (per-i-kor-o-ni′tis)
Inflammation around the crown of a tooth, usually one that is incompletely erupted into the oral cavity. [peri- + L. corona, crown, + G. -itis, inflammation]

pericranial (per-i-kra′ne-al)
Relating to the pericranium; surrounding the skull.

pericranitis (per′i-kra-ni′tis)
Inflammation of the pericranium.

pericranium (per′i-kra′ne-um) [TA]
The periosteum of the skull. SYN: periosteum cranii [TA] . [peri- + G. kranion, skull]

pericyazine (per-i-si′a-zen)
An antipsychotic.

pericystic (per′i-sis′tik)
1. Surrounding the urinary bladder. 2. Surrounding the gallbladder. 3. Surrounding a cyst. SYN: perivesical. [peri- + G. kystis, bladder]

pericystitis (per′i-sis-ti′tis)
Inflammation of the tissues surrounding a bladder, especially the urinary bladder.

pericystium (per-i-sis′te-um)
1. The tissues surrounding the urinary bladder or gallbladder. 2. A vascular investment of a cystic tumor. [peri- + G. kystis, bladder, cyst]

pericyte (per′i-sit)
One of the slender mesenchymal-like cells found in close association with the outside wall of postcapillary venules; it is relatively undifferentiated and may become a fibroblast, macrophage, or smooth muscle cell. SYN: adventitial cell, pericapillary cell, perithelial cell. [peri- + G. kytos, cell]

pericytial (per′i-sish′e-al, -sit′e-al)
SYN: pericellular.

peridens (per′i-denz)
A supernumerary tooth appearing elsewhere than the midline of the dental arch. [peri- + L. dens, tooth]

peridental (per-i-den′tal)
SYN: periodontal.

peridentitis (per′i-den-ti′tis)
Obsolete term for periodontitis.

peridentium (per′i-den′te-um)
SYN: periodontium.

periderm, periderma (per′i-derm, -i-der′ma)
The outermost layer of the epidermis of the embryo and fetus to the sixth month of intrauterine life; desquamated peridermal cells are a considerable component of the vernix caseosa. SYN: epitrichium. [peri- + G. derma, skin]

peridermal, peridermic (per-i-der′mal, -mik)
Relating to the periderm.

peridesmic (per-i-dez′mik)
1. Surrounding a ligament. 2. Relating to the peridesmium. SYN: periligamentous.

peridesmitis (per′i-dez-mi′tis)
Inflammation of the connective tissue surrounding a ligament. [peri- + G. desmos, band, + -itis, inflammation]

peridesmium (per-i-dez′me-um)
The connective tissue membrane surrounding a ligament. [peri- + G. desmion (desmos), band]

perididymis (per-i-did′i-mis)
SYN: tunica albuginea of testis. [G. didymos, twin, pl. didymoi, testes]

perididymitis (per′i-did-i-mi′tis)
Inflammation of the perididymis.

peridium (pe-rid′e-um)
In fungi, the hyphal structure that surrounds the asci. [G. peridion, dim. of pera, leather pouch]

peridiverticulitis (per′i-di′ver-tik′u-li′tis)
Inflammation of the tissues around an intestinal diverticulum.

periduodenitis (per′i-doo′o-de-ni′tis)
Inflammation around the duodenum.

peridural (per-i-doo′ral)
SYN: epidural.

periencephalitis (per′e-en-sef-a-li′tis)
Inflammation of the cerebral membranes, particularly leptomeningitis or inflammation of the pia mater with involvement of the underlying cortex. [peri- + G. enkephalos, brain]

perienteric (per-e-en-ter′ik)
Surrounding the intestine. SYN: circumintestinal.

perienteritis (per′e-en-ter-i′tis)
Inflammation of the peritoneal coat of the intestine. SYN: seroenteritis.


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