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The scent, named when perfume designer Ernest Beaux presented Coco with his 5th composition, has only become more popular, proving itself truly timeless and attaching its luxurious reputation to the entire line of Chanel fragrances. Among a list of other fragrance hits, Chanel also succeeded in wooing a younger audience with Coco Mademoiselle, a 21st-century creation in honor of the independent spirit of the young Coco Chanel. Other popular scents include the recently launched Chance, and Allure.

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Yves Saint Laurent
Perfume as art form! From the daring designer who worked his way from assistant to Christian Dior at age 17 to the legendary fashion father of the Swinging Sixties-haute peasant, safari jackets, thigh-high boots, and tuxedo suits for women-emerges the refined collection of YSL perfumes. As elegant as the designer's fashion and as modern as its discriminating electronic nose, hits include Opium, YSL, Rive Gauche, Koros, Cinema and M7. Matched only by Saint Laurent's boyhood promise to himself, "One day you'll be famous."
Elizabeth Taylor
Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, the queen of Black Pearls, White Diamonds-and Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires. Violet-eyed amongst velvety Passion and Gardenia scents, Ms. Taylor triumphs in a perfumed world and mimics her Egyptian predecessor's interest in scents. Forever Elizabeth, regaled as one of the world's most beautiful women and actors, brings luxury and classic fragrance to our everyday world. A woman of no moderation, Elizabeth Taylor says it all for perfum... beautiful and beloved.
Estee Lauder
With the 1946 jar of skin cream concocted by her chemist uncle, and a creative, determined bent for discovering beauty in all woman, Estee Lauder introduced the 1950s woman to her first fragrance-Youth Dew-doubling as a bath oil and selling 50,000 bottles its first year. Innovation, research and quality followed, hallmarks that birthed the likes of Beautiful, Beyond Paradise, Pleasures and Pure White.

Galanos perfume by Galanos was introduced in 1979 and then re-introduced in 1996 as a beautiful floral fragrance for women. An award winning perfume that blends geranium, jasmine, rose, muguet and carnation. With cedarwood, oakmoss, musk and tonka bean. This dazzling floral scent is recommended for evening wear.
Bijan's fragrances are presented in an ingeniously designed circular glass flacon with an open center and a dividing web. When half full, the fragrance fills two separate chambers, visually defying the law of gravity that liquid seeks its own level. The box which holds the flacon is constructed without any glued seams and secured with only two cleverly placed interlocks. Its "wrap construction" is patented globally.

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