After my complaint below, this man-hating, butch lesbian led group of "instructors" was expelled from the probation department ("contract not renewed")

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December 23, 1999

Kathy, Barry, Jim
Batterers Class instructors
c/o Probation Dept.
112 E. Post Rd., 3rd Floor
White Plains, NY 10601

cc: Mr. Rocco Pozzi, Probation Commissioner, Fax: 285-6261
Batterers class members

Dear Kathy, Barry and Jim,

In what is arguably the most tyrannical manifestation of censorship, the citizens of Romania were required to get a government permit in order to buy a typewriter. That of course was before the communist dictators� fall.

In what must be a most blatant violation of the freedom of speech that is guaranteed by the US constitution and by the laws of the State of New York, Barry and/or Garry told the Probation Department that my handing out copies of a New York Times article on domestic violence outside of and prior to the batterers class of 12/15/99 was "disruptive".

Tyrants always find the free flow of information disruptive and the prospect of the truth being revealed threatening. In this and other actions by the instructors of this so called class you are acting as tyrants in a society where tyranny is illegal and, in the case of the two lawyers, they also violated the code of conduct that binds members of the New York bar, not to mention how laughable their statement makes their diplomas.

Having said this, I want to clarify that this letter is not about tyranny, although there are many other cases where your conduct quite clearly falls into this category. This letter is more about the legality � or lack thereof � of your class altogether. I feel that your actions stand on dubious legal ground and, by copy of this letter to Commissioner Pozzi, I am requesting that a review of your tactics and your organization be made, with a view to throwing you and your outfit out of the Probation Department at once.

First of all, your fanatical and unbearably repetitious proclamations that "only men commit domestic violence" are sexist by any definition, and I would be more than surprised if any New York judge would swallow this nonsense. As you know, Judge Ingrid Braslow, the unscrupulous feminocrat in Westchester County Family Court who filled this "class" with men and your pockets with money, has resigned in disgrace and under pressure following my revelations of her corruption, bias and inhumanity. Her resignation in midterm is effective just before the next scheduled session of the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct and she has announced her intention to flee the jurisdiction, so evading justice the way cowards do. The fact that Amy Paulin so profusely praised this criminal maniac in the press in obvious coordination with Braslow�s PR team only shows the low level of morality and the disregard for the law that permeates your ranks. That even as Braslow was on her way out she continued to fill this class with more and more victims to the tune of $25 per person per week makes you and your organization Braslow�s colluding profiteers, and I sincerely hope that the Commissioner will not share your view of Braslow�s victims as an easy source of income.

In case you think that you can continue in this tack with the implicit support of any other feminists in the judiciary, you should know that I have every intention of filing a complaint against Judge Joan Cooney, supervising judge in Westchester Family Court, who had a part in the matter concerning my daughter and who misused her authority in violation of the law. Your misguided message has obviously caused a torrent of abuse by women in power in this community and at least as far as my case is concerned I will insist that the law be followed. So, be warned and don�t be surprised if more feminist heads roll in the near future.

Your glaring hypocrisy of fighting sexism with even more sexist actions is only surpassed by your pretence of fighting violence while explicitly justifying and implicitly encouraging physical violence against me, a despicable act on your part that was noted in my previous communication.

Then we have the matter of your disrespect for the members of the class. Others and I have made this point to you repeatedly and you neither get it nor do you care because you obviously think that your position of power in the group constitutes permission to abuse your authority. When I last made the point of how many if not all class members felt that you disrespected them, you blatantly questioned "the sincerity" of my statement in what was yet another one of your expressions of disrespect. Have you not noticed quite yet that I mean what I say and I say what I mean?

I and other members of this group find your deliberate and constant insinuations of guilt, of us all being guilty of violence against women, very offensive. There are members of this group who have not only not committed violence against women but also those like myself who were not even accused of violence. There are men in the group who have shed rivers of tears from the agony inflicted on them by women and who did not have recourse because Braslow was in charge. There are those whose children were forcibly separated from them by a vicious feminocrat on the bench and by profiteering lawyers who now get paid to spread your vicious message. I am the devoted and inconsolable father of an innocent young girl who was kidnapped, beaten, raped, tortured, burned, starved and so ravaged by vicious American feminists under Braslow�s Mafia-style protection that she has been crippled for life. Do not under any circumstances expect me to shut up and look the other way while you are promulgating the message of nasty father bashers and feminist baby killers.

I very much doubt that there is a single member of this group who buys your sexist propaganda and I am sure you can tell how they are all infuriated by your insistent, persistent and intentionally provocative feminocentric catechism. Not only because it is so glaringly false, irrational, biased and malicious, but also because those who profit from the dissolution of families, the de-fatherisation of America�s children and the deliberate persecution of innocent men have no moral authority to teach men anything at all. And don�t ever think that I or others in the class are trying to "poke holes" into your thesis, as you stated yesterday. One cannot poke holes into a mirage or into a rationalization of the irrational.

Your tactics are unacceptable. To hear Barry say that what you are doing is teaching the misguided men of America like those in "the fifteenth century" taught men that the earth is not flat only adds insult to injury. You are more like the punitive Holy Inquisitors who do not allow dissenting opinions or the mere hint of disagreement with your erroneous gospel and who, by virtue of a now disgraced and resigned ally in court (one whom your dirty money helped elect), feel empowered to mistreat the men in the class and to inflict severe punishment on anyone who disagrees.

Your so-called class is nothing but a racket and a RICO-style conspiracy. Braslow sentences people to pay money for your class. You use the money to help elect criminal feminists to Judgeships. Unscrupulous lawyers conduct the classes for you and in turn get referrals from you of money-wielding women ready to kick their children�s fathers out on any pretext by the easy decisions of those same criminal judges that your dirty money helped elect in the first place.

Brain washing, coercion, violating my right to free speech, mental torture, sexism and abuse are against the laws of New York and federal statutes. So, I do hope that you change your tactics on the double.



Sincerely yours,