Who is eligible for visa issuance in the U.S.?

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The visas office reissues visas to certain people in the "E","H","I","L","O", and "P" category. These visas are for treaty traders and investors, temporary worker, foreign media representative, intra-company transferee, persons with extraordinary abilities, and athletes, artists and entertainers. You may have also heard this service called Visa Renewal or Revalidation.

To apply for visa reissuance in the US you must send the following:

1. The passport which has in it the previous E,H,I,L,O, or P visas stamp issued from an American Consular office.

2. An application Form OF-156 for each applicant.

3. A valid, original I-94. Copies will not be accepted.

4. A copy of the current I-171 "Fee", or I-797 "Petition Approval Notice", if you are applying for a H,L,O, or P visa.

5. A detailed letter from the employee identifying the employee and his or her position and travel itinerary.

6. A self addressed envelope with sufficient postage for return mailing.

Items sent through the US Postal Service should be mailed in a padded envelope with a stamped a stamped padded envelope enclosed for return mailing.

Documentation is also accepted through courier services and returned through such services so long as an air bill is enclosed.

This documentation should be sent to:

Department of State Visa Services

Road 1500

2401"E" Street NW

Washington D.C. 20522-0113

Please allow six weeks for processing.

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