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Haiti Defense Forces 1996

    The following update was submitted on 2/16/98 by Dave Forslund (American Embassy Haiti)

  • The Interim Police Force was replaced some time ago by the Haitian National Police (HNP), a civilian police force of approximately 6,000 men and women. This force was trained largely by the U.S. Justice Department's ICITAP Program and continues to receive much of its mentoring and guidance from a multi-national Civilian Police (CIVPOL) force which is funded by the United Nations.

  • The HNP includes four specialized units; SWAT, CIMO (crowd control), BLTS (counter nacotics), and Garde Cote (the Haitian Coast Guard). While each of these units are police officers first, the nature of their mission often results in them operating independently of the average street cop.

  • The resident expert on the HNP is Mr. Rick Lange, the ICITAP coordinator who can be reached through the American Embassy in Port-au-Prince. As for the Haitian Coast Guard, your best source of information would be myself, CDR Dave Forslund, U.S. Coast Guard. As the Military Liaison Officer, my primary duty is to oversee the development of the Haitian Coast Guard.
    ---------------- End of Update ---------------

  • Branches:
    Army, Navy, Air Force, Police

      the regular Haitian Army, Navy and Air Force are currently suspended and replaced by the Interim Public Security Force (IPSF)

  • Manpower availability:
    males age 15-49 1,323,034; males fit for military service 716,233; males reach military age (18) annually 64,371 (1995 est.)

  • Defense expenditures:
    exchange rate conversion - $34 million, 1.5% of GDP (1988 est.)

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