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Tuvalu Government 1996

    • Names:

        conventional long form:

        conventional short form:

        Ellice Islands

    • Digraph:

    • Type:
      democracy; began debating republic status in 1992

    • Capital:

    • Administrative divisions:

    • Independence:
      1 October 1978 (from UK)

    • National holiday:
      Independence Day, 1 October (1978)

    • Constitution:
      1 October 1978

    • Legal system:

    • Suffrage:
      18 years of age; universal

    • Executive branch:

        chief of state:
        Queen ELIZABETH II (since 6 February 1952), represented by Governor General Tulaga MANUELLA (since NA June 1994)

        head of government:
        Prime Minister Kamuta LATASI (since 10 December 1993); Deputy Prime Minister Otinielu TAUSI (since 10 December 1993)

        Cabinet; appointed by the governor general on recommendation of the prime minister

    • Legislative branch:

        Parliament (Palamene):
        elections last held 25 November 1993 (next to be held by NA 1997); results - percent of vote NA; seats - (12 total)

    • Judicial branch:
      High Court

    • Political parties and leaders:

    • Member of:
      ACP, AsDB, C (special), ESCAP, IFRCS (associate), INTELSAT (nonsignatory user), SPARTECA, SPC, SPF, UNESCO, UPU, WHO

    • Diplomatic representation in US:
      Tuvalu has no mission in the US

    • US diplomatic representation:

    • Flag:
      light blue with the flag of the UK in the upper hoist-side quadrant; the outer half of the flag represents a map of the country with nine yellow five-pointed stars symbolizing the nine islands

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