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Afghanistan Military - 2024


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Military and security forces

the Taliban claims authority over a Ministry of Defense and a National Army (aka Army of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Islamic Emirate Army, or Afghan Army); it has also formed police forces under a Ministry of Interior (2024)

Military expenditures

3.3% of GDP (2019)
3.2% of GDP (2018)
3.3% of GDP (2017)
3.1% of GDP (2016)
2.9% of GDP (2015)

Military and security service personnel strengths

the Taliban claims that approximately 150,000 personnel had been recruited for a new National Army; it also claims that over 50,000 personnel had been trained for the police forces (2023)

note: as of 2022, there were also up to 10,000 foreign fighters in Afghanistan, most of whom were aligned with the Taliban

Military equipment inventories and acquisitions

the Taliban military/security forces are armed largely with US-provided equipment captured from the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces  (2023)

Military service age and obligation

service is voluntary; there is no conscription (2023)

note: the Taliban dismissed nearly all women from the former Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, except those serving in detention facilities and assisting with body searches

Military - note

the Taliban’s primary security threats include ISIS-Khorasan and anti-Taliban resistance elements known as the National Resistance Front and Afghanistan Freedom Front (2023)

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