Fashion Accessories

Hat, bag, belt, scarf, accessories for winter
What they are

Fashion accessories are functional and decorative items that supplement and complement clothes.

They include gloves, jewelery, hats, handbags, belts, watches, scarves, sunglasses, pins, wigs, stockings, bow ties, hand fans, leggings, leg warmers, and tights.

In addition to their practical usefulness, they add color, style and class to an outfit, and create a certain look.

Fendi iconic handbag
Handbags Styles at Cannes Film Festival 2011
Handbags are the quintessential
fashion accessories.

They can be had from a small
price to thousands, or even
millions, of dollars.

Very expensive handbags are
more a status symbol than a
fashion statement.

Here we see a Ferragamo bag
from their "Iconic" collection.
Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry
Jewelry Lady Gaga hair styles
Jewelry has been close to every
woman's heart from antiquity.

Jewels are not just decorations
or status symbols. As any
salesman of very expensive
jewelry will tell us, they are
also an envestment.

Noone exemplified the value
of expensive jewelry more than
the late Elizabeth Taylor,
whose jewels were auctioned for
millions of dollars after her
death, benefiting her favorite

Here she appears on the cover of
her own book about her love of
High fashion hat
Hats Michelle Obama fashion
Originally worn for protection from
the elements, or weapons, hats
became symbols of status or

Once they became a fashion item,
hats evolved into the most noticeable
accessory, because the onlooker's
attention is first drawn to the face.

A hat is the most noticeable fashion
item anyone can wear.
Wristwatches are often appreciated as
jewelry or as collectible works of
art rather than just as timepieces.

This has created several different
markets for wristwatches, ranging from
very inexpensive but accurate watches
to extremely expensive watches that
serve mainly as personal adornment
or as examples of high achievement in
miniaturization and precision mechanical
Scarves range from those that
keep us warm in the cold to
the ornamental fashion scarves,
to those worn by pius women.

Here we see a magnificent (and
awfully expensive at $385) silk
"Mythiques Phoenix" scarf by
Hermes, the Parisian fashion
house that has been renowned for
producing the most sought-after
fashion scarves.
Gloves finish the look of a Valentino suit
From garments that were only
meant to protect the hands
from the weather or hard work,
gloves became fashion items.

Today the glove and fashion
industries produce gloves that
range from the whimsical and
hip to timelessly classic.

There are fingerless gloves,
cashmere, wool, and knit gloves.

There are driving gloves, formal
gloves, opera gloves, and even
touchscreen compatible gloves.

Glove prices vary from the
trivial to the astronomical,
with some

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