Folli Follie

With folli follie, transforming from classic chic to trendy pop to rockstar glam is a snap.

From glittering jewels and sparkling timepieces to fabulous handbags, they have everything you need to shine on every occasion, and for everyone of your fashionable personalities.

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Jacob & Co
For over a quarter of a century, Jacob & Co has created revolutionary timepieces and jewelry for men and women.

As the world's premier house for the fusion of impeccable quality, classic technique, and unmatched creativity, Jacob & Co is the first choice for discerning individuals whose demand for superb craftsmanship is matched with a taste for visionary artistry in both jewelry and fine watchmaking.
Antoine LeCoutre, the brilliant inventor, who dedicated his life to the quest for precision and perfection, founded the company in 1833.

It is located in the Vallee de Joux, the paradise of Grandes Complications, where for the past two centuries the majority of world's most complicated watch mechanistms have been produced.
In 1847 Louis-Francois Cartier took over the jewelry workshop of the master-craftsman Adolphe Picard in Paris. Since then crowned heads of state, millionaires and celebrities have flocked to its doors to purchase its very special products.

Today Cartier is the premier jewelry, Watch and fashion accessories brand in the juxury market.
Since its foundation in 1874, Piaget has been cultivating a spirit of luxury while emphasising its creativity, attention to detail and fully integrated watchmaking and jewellery expertise.

From watch movements, they expanded to include astonishing jewellery watches, followed by innovative jewellery collections.
Baume et Mercier
Pursuing a passionate vocation since 1830, Baume & Mercier has a proud track record of refined complications, visionary innovations and producing watches that consistently embody an ideal of excellence and affordable luxury.

Leveraging tradition in a contemporary and future-oriented manner, Baume & Mercier models are naturally geared to a lifestyle environment.

Baume & Mercier's web site is at
Patek Philippe
As an independent family owned company, Patek Philippe enjoys total creative freedom to design, produce and assemble what experts agree to be the finest timepieces in the world.

With its vast experience and more than 70 patents to its credit, Patek Philippe is the only manufacture that crafts all of its mechanical movements according to the strict specifications of the Geneva Seal.

Patek Philippe's web site is at
Audemars Piguet
In 1875 Jules-Louis Audemars and Eduard-Auguste Piguet joined forces to design and produce complication watches in the Joux Valley.

Today the Audemars Piguet group consists of over 1000 people, including 750 in Switzerland, and fourteen distribution subsidiaries.

Audemars Piguet's web site is at
Founded in 1860 by Louis-Ulysse Chopard, the brand won widespread following for the precision and reliability of its watches.

Still a family run company, Shopard has become a leading name in the high-end watch and jewelry industry.

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