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Faced with a shortage of foreign supplies during the difficult years of Fascist dictatorship in Italy, Gucci began experimenting with atypical luxury materials, like hemp, linen and jute.

One of its artisans' most subtle innovations was burnishing cane to create the handle of the new Bamboo Bag, whose curvy side was inspired by a saddle's shape.

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Louis Vuitton
Nurtured by time, yet attuned to innovation, the skilled artistry that goes into creating each of Louis Vuitton's products guarantees impecable quality.

Gifted artisans dedicate their attention to to crafting products using the most exclussive materials and state0of-the-art workmanship.
Cole Haan
Cole Haan is America's premier style and luxury brand.

Each season they introduce an exciting new collection of high-quality men's and women's footwear, iconic handbags, men's and women's sunglasses and personal leather goods.
Coach was founded in 1941 as a family-run workshop. In a Manhattan loft, six artisans handcrafted a collection of leather goods using skills handed down from generation to generation.

Discerning consumers soon began to seek out the quality and unique nature of Coach craftsmanship.
Founded by the brothers Fendi in Rome in 1925, the handbag and fur shop became a favorite of Roman bourgoisie.

Years later, the Fendi sisters, daughters of the two founders met Karl Lagerfeld, a Paris fashion designer, who revolutionized the brand.

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