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Christina O superyacht formal dining room
Christina O, legendary superyacht

Rankings of the largest superyachts, by length

Although recently refurbished, the formal dining room
of Christina O, the legendary superyacht of Aristotle
Onasis, retains the sense of luxury of the original.

Now that it is available for hire, you can be sure
that dining in this style will set you back a small

Charter this masterpiece at

The atrium of Christina O superyacht
An atrium in a yacht? Free nautical charts
Yes, indeed. The Christina O
has a spectacular atrium in
its middle.

If you can get on this boat,
then you can also descend this
circular staircase in style.

Notice the Greek letter omega
imprinted on the floor, the
first letter of the name Onassis
spelled in Greek.
The Onasis suite on Christina O superyacht
The Onasis suite Lady Gaga hair styles
The suite on Christina O
where Aristotle Onassis
slept with Jackie Kennedy,
Maria Calas, and ...

Now refurbished, it can
be yours for a cruise.

Chartering Christina O
costs between 45,000 and
65,000 Euros ($60,000 -
$86,000) per day, depending
on the number of people that
you bring on it.
The mosaic floor swimming pool on board the Christina O superyacht
Swimming pool-cum-dance floor Michelle Obama fashion
No self-respecting superyacht
owner would do without a
swimming pool on board.

This one turns into a dance
floor at the flip of a switch.

Here we see the famous mosaic
floor of the pool, copying an
ancient Minoan painting of a
bullfight found in Crete.
Christina O megayacht
Isn't she elegant Free nautical charts
No aerodynamic, 21st century
shape here.

Christina O is a classic

Alexander mega luxury motor yacht charter
Dreamboat for Charter
Alexander, built in 1965, and
remodeled in 1998 is over 400
feet (120 meters) long, with
41 cabins. It can accommodate
60 guests plus a crew of 58.

It can be chartered from B & Y Charters
The dining room on the Alexander superyacht
Dine on board with your close friends
In addition to the dining room and
other extensive public areas,
Alexander features a master suite
with separate siting area, two
bathrooms and Jacuzzi.

It can be chartered for €630,000
Euro per week.
E. Kevin Schöpfer’s Oculus superyacht
This is E. Kevin Schöpfer’s Oculus.

It has 12-foot ceilings and
travels at over 25 knots.

Order yours at Schöpfer Yachts
Interior of Oculus superyacht
And here is the inside
The space age look of
Oculus continues in the
inside of the multi-
million dollar yacht.
Eclipse, the world's largest yacht
Numero uno
This is Eclipse, the world's
largest yacht, owned by
Russian billionnaire Roman

He is selling it, to be
replaced by a bigger and
better one, now under
Roman Abramovich's superyacht Pelorus
Why just one?
This is Pelorus, Roman
Abramovich's other
Three luxury yachts - Lady Anne, Lady Moura and Pelorus within the port of Porto Cervo. They all belong to the 100 largest luxury yachts
Family gathering.
Three luxury yachts - Lady Anne,
Lady Moura and Pelorus within
the port of Porto Cervo.

They all belong to the 100
largest luxury yachts in
the world.
The Lady Moura superyacht in Monaco
Lady Moura
Lady Moura, another one of
the largest syperyachts, seen
here in Monaco harbor.

She is owned by dr Nasser Al
Rashid, a Saudi billionaire.
Strand Craft 122 superyacht
The Strand Craft 122
This ultramodern superyacht
comes with an ultramodern
racing car, that parks inside it.

It is made by Strand Craft USA
Bedroom of an Ocean Breeze supe yacht
Sweet dreams in the high seas
This bedroom is in the
owner's suite of the
Ocean Breeze super yacht.
 of Dominique Strauss-Khan's rented townhouse on Frankin Street, Tribeka, New York 2011
More sweet dreams
The owner's stateroom on the
Hurricane Run, another
magnificent mega yacht.

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List of the longest superyachts

Azzam superyacht
Length: 180.61 meters
Fulk al-Salamah
Fulk al-Salamah
Length: 164m
Eclipse superyacht
Length: 162.50m
Dilbar superyacht
Length: 156m
Al Said superyacht
Al Said
Length: 155m
Topaz superyacht
Length: 147.25m
Sailing Yacht A superyacht
Sailing Yacht A
Length: 142.81
Dream Symphony superyacht
Dream Symphony
Length: 141m
Ocean Victory superyacht
Ocean Victory
Length: 140m
Redwood superyacht
Length: 139m

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