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Appendix E: List of Three-Digit Categories

Appendix E
List of Three-Digit Categories


Intestinal infectious diseases (001-009)

001������ Cholera

002������ Typhoid and paratyphoid fevers

003������ Other salmonella infections

004������ Shigellosis

005������ Other food poisoning (bacterial)

006������ Amebiasis

007������ Other protozoal intestinal diseases

008������ Intestinal infections due to other organisms

009������ Ill-defined intestinal infections

Tuberculosis (010-018)

010������ Primary tuberculous infection

011������ Pulmonary tuberculosis

012������ Other respiratory tuberculosis

013������ Tuberculosis of meninges and central nervous system

014������ Tuberculosis of intestines, peritoneum, and mesenteric glands

015������ Tuberculosis of bones and joints

016������ Tuberculosis of genitourinary system

017������ Tuberculosis of other organs

018������ Miliary tuberculosis

Zoonotic bacterial diseases (020-027)

020������ Plague

021������ Tularemia

022������ Anthrax

023������ Brucellosis

024������ Glanders

025������ Melioidosis

026������ Rat-bite fever

027������ Other zoonotic bacterial diseases

Other bacterial diseases (030-041)

030������ Leprosy

031������ Diseases due to other mycobacteria

032������ Diphtheria

033������ Whooping cough

034������ Streptococcal sore throat and scarlet fever

035������ Erysipelas

036������ Meningococcal infection

037������ Tetanus

038������ Septicemia

039������ Actinomycotic infections

040������ Other bacterial diseases

041������ Bacterial infection in conditions classified elsewhere and of unspecified site

Human immunodeficiency virus (042)

042 Human immunodeficiency virus [HIV] disease

Poliomyelitis and other non-arthropod-borne viral diseases of central nervous system (045-049)

045������ Acute poliomyelitis

046������ Slow virus infection of central nervous system

047������ Meningitis due to enterovirus

048������ Other enterovirus diseases of central nervous system

049������ Other non-arthropod-borne viral diseases of central nervous system

Viral diseases accompanied by exanthem (050-057)

050������ Smallpox

051������ Cowpox and paravaccinia

052������ Chickenpox

053������ Herpes zoster

054������ Herpes simplex

055������ Measles

056������ Rubella

057������ Other viral exanthemata

Other Human Herpesviruses (058)

058������ Other human herpesvirus

Arthropod-borne viral diseases (060-066)

060������ Yellow fever

061������ Dengue

062������ Mosquito-borne viral encephalitis

063������ Tick-borne viral encephalitis

064������ Viral encephalitis transmitted by other and unspecified arthropods

065������ Arthropod-borne hemorrhagic fever

066������ Other arthropod-borne viral diseases

Other diseases due to viruses and Chlamydiae (070-079)

070������ Viral hepatitis

071������ Rabies

072������ Mumps

073������ Ornithosis

074������ Specific diseases due to Coxsackie virus

075������ Infectious mononucleosis

076������ Trachoma

077������ Other diseases of conjunctiva due to viruses and Chlamydiae

078������ Other diseases due to viruses and Chlamydiae

079������ Viral infection in conditions classified elsewhere and of unspecified site

Rickettsioses and other arthropod-borne diseases (080-088)

080������ Louse-borne [epidemic] typhus

081������ Other typhus

082������ Tick-borne rickettsioses

083������ Other rickettsioses

084������ Malaria

085������ Leishmaniasis

086������ Trypanosomiasis

087������ Relapsing fever

088������ Other arthropod-borne diseases

Syphilis and other venereal diseases (090-099)

090������ Congenital syphilis

091������ Early syphilis, symptomatic

092������ Early syphilis, latent

093������ Cardiovascular syphilis

094������ Neurosyphilis

095������ Other forms of late syphilis, with symptoms

096������ Late syphilis, latent

097������ Other and unspecified syphilis

098������ Gonococcal infections

099������ Other venereal diseases

Other��� spirochetal diseases (100-104)

100������ Leptospirosis

101������ Vincent's angina

102������ Yaws

103������ Pinta

104������ Other spirochetal infection

Mycoses (110-118)

110������ Dermatophytosis

111������ Dermatomycosis, other and unspecified

112������ Candidiasis

114������ Coccidioidomycosis

115������ Histoplasmosis

116������ Blastomycotic infection

117������ Other mycoses

118������ Opportunistic mycoses

Helminthiases (120-129)

120������ Schistosomiasis [bilharziasis]

121������ Other trematode infections

122������ Echinococcosis

123������ Other cestode infection

124������ Trichinosis

125������ Filarial infection and dracontiasis

126������ Ancylostomiasis and necatoriasis

127������ Other intestinal helminthiases

128������ Other and unspecified helminthiases

129������ Intestinal parasitism, unspecified

Other infectious and parasitic diseases (130-136)

130������ Toxoplasmosis

131������ Trichomoniasis

132������ Pediculosis and phthirus infestation

133������ Acariasis

134������ Other infestation

135������ Sarcoidosis

136������ Other and unspecified infectious and parasitic diseases

Late effects of infectious and parasitic diseases (137-139)

137������ Late effects of tuberculosis

138������ Late effects of acute poliomyelitis

139������ Late effects of other infectious and parasitic diseases


Malignant neoplasm of lip, oral cavity, and pharynx (140-149)

140������ Malignant neoplasm of lip

141������ Malignant neoplasm of tongue

142������ Malignant neoplasm of major salivary glands

143������ Malignant neoplasm of gum

144������ Malignant neoplasm of floor of mouth

145������ Malignant neoplasm of other and unspecified parts of mouth

146������ Malignant neoplasm of oropharynx

147������ Malignant neoplasm of nasopharynx

148������ Malignant neoplasm of hypopharynx

149������ Malignant neoplasm of other and ill-defined sites within the lip, oral cavity, and pharynx

Malignant neoplasm of digestive organs and peritoneum (150-159)

150������ Malignant neoplasm of esophagus

151������ Malignant neoplasm of stomach

152������ Malignant neoplasm of small intestine, including duodenum

153������ Malignant neoplasm of colon

154������ Malignant neoplasm of rectum, rectosigmoid junction, and anus

155������ Malignant neoplasm of liver and intrahepatic bile ducts

156������ Malignant neoplasm of gallbladder and extrahepatic bile ducts

157������ Malignant neoplasm of pancreas

158������ Malignant neoplasm of retroperitoneum and peritoneum

159������ Malignant neoplasm of other and ill-defined sites within the digestive organs and peritoneum

Malignant neoplasm of respiratory and intrathoracic organs (160-165)

160������ Malignant neoplasm of nasal cavities, middle ear, and accessory sinuses

161������ Malignant neoplasm of larynx

162������ Malignant neoplasm of trachea, bronchus, and lung

163������ Malignant neoplasm of pleura

164������ Malignant neoplasm of thymus, heart, and mediastinum

165������ Malignant neoplasm of other and ill-defined sites within the respiratory system and intrathoracic organs

Malignant neoplasm of bone, connective tissue, skin, and breast (170-176)

170������ Malignant neoplasm of bone and articular cartilage

171������ Malignant neoplasm of connective and other soft tissue

172������ Malignant melanoma of skin

173������ Other malignant neoplasm of skin

174������ Malignant neoplasm of female breast

175������ Malignant neoplasm of male breast

Kaposi's sarcoma (176)

176������ Kaposi's sarcoma

Malignant neoplasm of genitourinary organs (179-189)

179������ Malignant neoplasm of uterus, part unspecified

180������ Malignant neoplasm of cervix uteri

181������ Malignant neoplasm of placenta

182������ Malignant neoplasm of body of uterus

183������ Malignant neoplasm of ovary and other uterine adnexa

184������ Malignant neoplasm of other and unspecified female genital organs

185������ Malignant neoplasm of prostate

186������ Malignant neoplasm of testis

187������ Malignant neoplasm of penis and other male genital organs

188������ Malignant neoplasm of bladder

189������ Malignant neoplasm of kidney and other and unspecified urinary organs

Malignant neoplasm of other and unspecified sites (190-199)

190������ Malignant neoplasm of eye

191������ Malignant neoplasm of brain

192������ Malignant neoplasm of other and unspecified parts of nervous system

193������ Malignant neoplasm of thyroid gland

194������ Malignant neoplasm of other endocrine glands and related structures

195������ Malignant neoplasm of other and ill-defined sites

196������ Secondary and unspecified malignant neoplasm of lymph nodes

197������ Secondary malignant neoplasm of respiratory and digestive systems

198������ Secondary malignant neoplasm of other specified sites

199������ Malignant neoplasm without specification of site

Malignant neoplasm of lymphatic and hematopoietic tissue (200-208)

200������ Lymphosarcoma and reticulosarcoma

201������ Hodgkin's disease

202������ Other malignant neoplasm of lymphoid and histiocytic tissue

203������ Multiple myeloma and immunoproliferative neoplasms

204������ Lymphoid leukemia

205������ Myeloid leukemia

206������ Monocytic leukemia

207������ Other specified leukemia

208������ Leukemia of unspecified cell type

Benign neoplasms (210-229)

210������ Benign neoplasm of lip, oral cavity, and pharynx

211������ Benign neoplasm of other parts of digestive system

212������ Benign neoplasm of respiratory and intrathoracic organs

213������ Benign neoplasm of bone and articular cartilage

214������ Lipoma

215������ Other benign neoplasm of connective and other soft tissue

216������ Benign neoplasm of skin

217������ Benign neoplasm of breast

218������ Uterine leiomyoma

219������ Other benign neoplasm of uterus

220������ Benign neoplasm of ovary

221������ Benign neoplasm of other female genital organs

222������ Benign neoplasm of male genital organs

223������ Benign neoplasm of kidney and other urinary organs

224������ Benign neoplasm of eye

225������ Benign neoplasm of brain and other parts of nervous system

226������ Benign neoplasm of thyroid gland

227������ Benign neoplasm of other endocrine glands and related structures

228������ Hemangioma and lymphangioma, any site

229������ Benign neoplasm of other and unspecified sites

Carcinoma in situ (230-234)

230������ Carcinoma in situ of digestive organs

231������ Carcinoma in situ of respiratory system

232������ Carcinoma in situ of skin

233������ Carcinoma in situ of breast and genitourinary system

234������ Carcinoma in situ of other and unspecified sites

Neoplasms of uncertain behavior (235-238)

235������ Neoplasm of uncertain behavior of digestive and respiratory systems

236������ Neoplasm of uncertain behavior of genitourinary organs

237������ Neoplasm of uncertain behavior of endocrine glands and nervous system

238������ Neoplasm of uncertain behavior of other and unspecified sites and tissues

Neoplasms of unspecified nature (239)

239������ Neoplasm of unspecified nature


Disorders of thyroid gland (240-246)

240������ Simple and unspecified goiter

241������ Nontoxic nodular goiter

242������ Thyrotoxicosis with or without goiter

243������ Congenital hypothyroidism

244������ Acquired hypothyroidism

245������ Thyroiditis

246������ Other disorders of thyroid

Diseases of other endocrine glands (250-259)

250������ Diabetes mellitus

251������ Other disorders of pancreatic internal secretion

252������ Disorders of parathyroid gland

253������ Disorders of the pituitary gland and its hypothalamic control

254������ Diseases of thymus gland

255������ Disorders of adrenal glands

256������ Ovarian dysfunction

257������ Testicular dysfunction

258������ Polyglandular dysfunction and related disorders

259������ Other endocrine disorders

Nutritional deficiencies (260-269)

260������ Kwashiorkor

261������ Nutritional marasmus

262������ Other severe protein-calorie malnutrition

263������ Other and unspecified protein-calorie malnutrition

264������ Vitamin A deficiency

265������ Thiamine and niacin deficiency states

266������ Deficiency of B-complex components

267������ Ascorbic acid deficiency

268������ Vitamin D deficiency

269������ Other nutritional deficiencies

Other metabolic disorders and immunity disorders (270-279)

270������ Disorders of amino-acid transport and metabolism

271������ Disorders of carbohydrate transport and metabolism

272������ Disorders of lipoid metabolism

273������ Disorders of plasma protein metabolism

274������ Gout

275������ Disorders of mineral metabolism

276������ Disorders of fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base balance

277������ Other and unspecified disorders of metabolism

278������ Obesity and other hyperalimentation

279������ Disorders involving the immune mechanism


Diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs (280-289)

280������ Iron deficiency anemias

281������ Other deficiency anemias

282������ Hereditary hemolytic anemias

283������ Acquired hemolytic anemias

284������ Aplastic anemia

285������ Other and unspecified anemias

286������ Coagulation defects

287������ Purpura and other hemorrhagic conditions

288������ Diseases of white blood cells

289������ Other diseases of blood and blood-forming organs


Organic psychotic conditions (290-294)

290������ Senile and presenile organic psychotic conditions

291������ Alcoholic psychoses

292������ Drug psychoses

293������ Transient organic psychotic conditions

294������ Other organic psychotic conditions (chronic)

Other psychoses (295-299)

295������ Schizophrenic psychoses

296������ Affective psychoses

297������ Paranoid states

298������ Other nonorganic psychoses

299������ Psychoses with origin specific to childhood

Neurotic disorders, personality disorders, and other nonpsychotic mental disorders (300-316)

300������ Neurotic disorders

301������ Personality disorders

302������ Sexual deviations and disorders

303������ Alcohol dependence syndrome

304������ Drug dependence

305������ Nondependent abuse of drugs

306������ Physiological malfunction arising from mental factors

307������ Special symptoms or syndromes, not elsewhere classified

308������ Acute reaction to stress

309������ Adjustment reaction

310������ Specific nonpsychotic mental disorders following organic brain damage

311������ Depressive disorder, not elsewhere classified

312������ Disturbance of conduct, not elsewhere classified

313������ Disturbance of emotions specific to childhood and adolescence

314������ Hyperkinetic syndrome of childhood

315������ Specific delays in development

316������ Psychic factors associated with diseases classified elsewhere

Mental retardation (317-319)

317������ Mild mental retardation

318������ Other specified mental retardation

319������ Unspecified mental retardation


Inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system (320-326)

320������ Bacterial meningitis

321������ Meningitis due to other organisms

322������ Meningitis of unspecified cause

323������ Encephalitis, myelitis, and encephalomyelitis

324������ Intracranial and intraspinal abscess

325������ Phlebitis and thrombophlebitis of intracranial venous sinuses

326������ Late effects of intracranial abscess or pyogenic infection

327������ Organic sleep disorders

Hereditary and degenerative diseases of the central nervous system (330-337)

330������ Cerebral degenerations usually manifest in childhood

331������ Other cerebral degenerations

332������ Parkinson's disease

333������ Other extrapyramidal disease and abnormal movement disorders

334������ Spinocerebellar disease

335������ Anterior horn cell disease

336������ Other diseases of spinal cord

337������ Disorders of the autonomic nervous system

Pain (338)

338������ Pain, not elsewhere classified

Other disorders of the central nervous system (340-349)

340������ Multiple sclerosis

341������ Other demyelinating diseases of central nervous system

342������ Hemiplegia and hemiparesis

343������ Infantile cerebral palsy

344������ Other paralytic syndromes

345������ Epilepsy

346������ Migraine

347������ Cataplexy and narcolepsy

348������ Other conditions of brain

349������ Other and unspecified disorders of the nervous system

Disorders of the peripheral nervous system (350-359)

350������ Trigeminal nerve disorders

351������ Facial nerve disorders

352������ Disorders of other cranial nerves

353������ Nerve root and plexus disorders

354������ Mononeuritis of upper limb and mononeuritis multiplex

355������ Mononeuritis of lower limb

356������ Hereditary and idiopathic peripheral neuropathy

357������ Inflammatory and toxic neuropathy

358������ Myoneural disorders

359������ Muscular dystrophies and other myopathies

Disorders of the eye and adnexa (360-379)

360������ Disorders of the globe

361������ Retinal detachments and defects

362������ Other retinal disorders

363������ Chorioretinal inflammations and scars and other disorders of choroid

364������ Disorders of iris and ciliary body

365������ Glaucoma

366������ Cataract

367������ Disorders of refraction and accommodation

368������ Visual disturbances

369������ Blindness and low vision

370������ Keratitis

371������ Corneal opacity and other disorders of cornea

372������ Disorders of conjunctiva

373������ Inflammation of eyelids

374������ Other disorders of eyelids

375������ Disorders of lacrimal system

376������ Disorders of the orbit

377������ Disorders of optic nerve and visual pathways

378������ Strabismus and other disorders of binocular eye movements

379������ Other disorders of eye

Diseases of the ear and mastoid process (380-389)

380������ Disorders of external ear

381������ Nonsuppurative otitis media and Eustachian tube disorders

382������ Suppurative and unspecified otitis media

383������ Mastoiditis and related conditions

384������ Other disorders of tympanic membrane

385������ Other disorders of middle ear and mastoid

386������ Vertiginous syndromes and other disorders of vestibular system

387������ Otosclerosis

388������ Other disorders of ear

389������ Hearing loss


Acute rheumatic fever (390-392)

390������ Rheumatic fever without mention of heart involvement

391������ Rheumatic fever with heart involvement

392������ Rheumatic chorea

Chronic rheumatic heart disease (393-398)

393������ Chronic rheumatic pericarditis

394������ Diseases of mitral valve

395������ Diseases of aortic valve

396������ Diseases of mitral and aortic valves

397������ Diseases of other endocardial structures

398������ Other rheumatic heart disease

Hypertensive disease (401-405)

401������ Essential hypertension

402������ Hypertensive heart disease

403������ Hypertensive renal disease

404������ Hypertensive heart and renal disease

405������ Secondary hypertension

Ischemic heart disease (410-414)

410������ Acute myocardial infarction

411������ Other acute and subacute form of ischemic heart disease

412������ Old myocardial infarction

413������ Angina pectoris

414������ Other forms of chronic ischemic heart disease

Diseases of pulmonary circulation (415-417)

415������ Acute pulmonary heart disease

416������ Chronic pulmonary heart disease

417������ Other diseases of pulmonary circulation

Other forms of heart disease (420-429)

420������ Acute pericarditis

421������ Acute and subacute endocarditis

422������ Acute myocarditis

423������ Other diseases of pericardium

424������ Other diseases of endocardium

425������ Cardiomyopathy

426������ Conduction disorders

427������ Cardiac dysrhythmias

428������ Heart failure

429������ Ill-defined descriptions and complications of heart disease

Cerebrovascular disease (430-438)

430������ Subarachnoid hemorrhage

431������ Intracerebral hemorrhage

432������ Other and unspecified intracranial hemorrhage

433������ Occlusion and stenosis of precerebral arteries

434������ Occlusion of cerebral arteries

435������ Transcient cerebral ischemia

436������ Acute but ill-defined cerebrovascular disease

437������ Other and ill-defined cerebrovascular disease

438������ Late effects of cerebrovascular disease

Diseases of arteries, arterioles, and capillaries (440-448)

440������ Atherosclerosis

441������ Aortic aneurysm and dissection

442������ Other aneurysm

443������ Other peripheral vascular disease

444������ Arterial embolism and thrombosis

445������ Atheroembolism

446������ Polyarteritis nodosa and allied conditions

447������ Other disorders of arteries and arterioles

448������ Diseases of capillaries

Diseases of veins and lymphatics, and other diseases of circulatory system (451-459)

451������ Phlebitis and thrombophlebitis

452������ Portal vein thrombosis

453������ Other venous embolism and thrombosis

454������ Varicose veins of lower extremities

455������ Hemorrhoids

456������ Varicose veins of other sites

457������ Noninfective disorders of lymphatic channels

458������ Hypotension

459������ Other disorders of circulatory system


Acute respiratory infections (460-466)

460������ Acute nasopharyngitis [common cold]

461������ Acute sinusitis

462������ Acute pharyngitis

463������ Acute tonsillitis

464������ Acute laryngitis and tracheitis

465������ Acute upper respiratory infections of multiple or unspecified sites

466������ Acute bronchitis and bronchiolitis

Other��� diseases of upper respiratory tract (470-478)

470������ Deviated nasal septum

471������ Nasal polyps

472������ Chronic pharyngitis and nasopharyngitis

473������ Chronic sinusitis

474������ Chronic disease of tonsils and adenoids

475������ Peritonsillar abscess

476������ Chronic laryngitis and laryngotracheitis

477������ Allergic rhinitis

478������ Other diseases of upper respiratory tract

Pneumonia and influenza (480-488)

480������ Viral pneumonia

481������ Pneumococcal pneumonia [Streptococcus pneumoniae pneumonia]

482������ Other bacterial pneumonia

483������ Pneumonia due to other specified organism

484������ Pneumonia in infectious diseases classified elsewhere

485������ Bronchopneumonia, organism unspecified

486������ Pneumonia, organism unspecified

487������ Influenza

488������ Influenza due to identified avian influenza virus

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and allied conditions (490-496)

490������ Bronchitis, not specified as acute or chronic

491������ Chronic bronchitis

492������ Emphysema

493������ Asthma

494������ Bronchiectasis

495������ Extrinsic allergic alveolitis

496������ Chronic airways obstruction, not elsewhere classified

Pneumoconioses and other lung diseases due to external agents (500-508)

500������ Coalworkers' pneumoconiosis

501������ Asbestosis

502������ Pneumoconiosis due to other silica or silicates

503������ Pneumoconiosis due to other inorganic dust

504������ Pneumopathy due to inhalation of other dust

505������ Pneumoconiosis, unspecified

506������ Respiratory conditions due to chemical fumes and vapors

507������ Pneumonitis due to solids and liquids

508������ Respiratory conditions due to other and unspecified external agents

Other diseases of respiratory system (510-519)

510������ Empyema

511������ Pleurisy

512������ Pneumothorax

513������ Abscess of lung and mediastinum

514������ Pulmonary congestion and hypostasis

515������ Postinflammatory pulmonary fibrosis

516������ Other alveolar and parietoalveolar pneumopathy

517������ Lung involvement in conditions classified elsewhere

518������ Other diseases of lung

519������ Other diseases of respiratory system


Diseases of oral cavity, salivary glands, and jaws (520-529)

520������ Disorders of tooth development and eruption

521������ Diseases of hard tissues of teeth

522������ Diseases of pulp and periapical tissues

523������ Gingival and periodontal diseases

524������ Dentofacial anomalies, including malocclusion

525������ Other diseases and conditions of the teeth and supporting structures

526������ Diseases of the jaws

527������ Diseases of the salivary glands

528������ Diseases of the oral soft tissues, excluding lesions specific for gingiva and tongue

529������ Diseases and other conditions of the tongue

Diseases of esophagus, stomach, and duodenum (530-538)

530������ Diseases of esophagus

531������ Gastric ulcer

532������ Duodenal ulcer

533������ Peptic ulcer, site unspecified

534������ Gastrojejunal ulcer

535������ Gastritis and duodenitis

536������ Disorders of function of stomach

537������ Other disorders of stomach and duodenum

538 ����� Gastrointestinal mucositis (ulcerative)

Appendicitis (540-543)

540������ Acute appendicitis

541������ Appendicitis, unqualified

542������ Other appendicitis

543������ Other diseases of appendix

Hernia of abdominal cavity (550-553)

550������ Inguinal hernia

551������ Other hernia of abdominal cavity, with gangrene

552������ Other hernia of abdominal cavity, with obstruction, but without mention of gangrene

553������ Other hernia of abdominal cavity without mention of obstruction or gangrene

Noninfective enteritis and colitis (555-558)

555������ Regional enteritis

556������ Ulcerative colitis

557������ Vascular insufficiency of intestine

558������ Other noninfective gastroenteritis and colitis

Other diseases of intestines and peritoneum (560-569)

560������ Intestinal obstruction without mention of hernia

562������ Diverticula of intestine

564������ Functional digestive disorders, not elsewhere classified

565������ Anal fissure and fistula

566������ Abscess of anal and rectal regions

567������ Peritonitis

568������ Other disorders of peritoneum

569������ Other disorders of intestine

Other diseases of digestive system (570-579)

570������ Acute and subacute necrosis of liver

571������ Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis

572������ Liver abscess and sequelae of chronic liver disease

573������ Other disorders of liver

574������ Cholelithiasis

575������ Other disorders of gallbladder

576������ Other disorders of biliary tract

577������ Diseases of pancreas

578������ Gastrointestinal hemorrhage

579������ Intestinal malabsorption


Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis (580-589)

580������ Acute glomerulonephritis

581������ Nephrotic syndrome

582������ Chronic glomerulonephritis

583������ Nephritis and nephropathy, not specified as acute or chronic

584������ Acute renal failure

585������ Chronic renal failure

586������ Renal failure, unspecified

587������ Renal sclerosis, unspecified

588������ Disorders resulting from impaired renal function

589������ Small kidney of unknown cause

Other diseases of urinary system (590-599)

590������ Infections of kidney

591������ Hydronephrosis

592������ Calculus of kidney and ureter

593������ Other disorders of kidney and ureter

594������ Calculus of lower urinary tract

595������ Cystitis

596������ Other disorders of bladder

597������ Urethritis, not sexually transmitted, and urethral syndrome

598������ Urethral stricture

599������ Other disorders of urethra and urinary tract

Diseases of male genital organs (600-608)

600������ Hyperplasia of prostate

601������ Inflammatory diseases of prostate

602������ Other disorders of prostate

603������ Hydrocele

604������ Orchitis and epididymitis

605������ Redundant prepuce and phimosis

606������ Infertility, male

607������ Disorders of penis

608������ Other disorders of male genital organs

Disorders of breast (610-611)

610������ Benign mammary dysplasias

611������ Other disorders of breast

Inflammatory disease of female pelvic organs (614-616)

614������ Inflammatory disease of ovary, fallopian tube, pelvic cellular tissue, and peritoneum

615������ Inflammatory diseases of uterus, except cervix

616������ Inflammatory disease of cervix, vagina, and vulva

Other disorders of female genital tract (617-629)

617������ Endometriosis

618������ Genital prolapse

619������ Fistula involving female genital tract

620������ Noninflammatory disorders of ovary, fallopian tube, and broad ligament

621������ Disorders of uterus, not elsewhere classified

622������ Noninflammatory disorders of cervix

623������ Noninflammatory disorders of vagina

624������ Noninflammatory disorders of vulva and perineum

625������ Pain and other symptoms associated with female genital organs

626������ Disorders of menstruation and other abnormal bleeding from female genital tract

627������ Menopausal and postmenopausal disorders

628������ Infertility, female

629������ Other disorders of female genital organs


Ectopic and molar pregnancy and other pregnancy with abortive outcome (630-639)

630������ Hydatidiform mole

631������ Other abnormal product of conception

632������ Missed abortion

633������ Ectopic pregnancy

634������ Spontaneous abortion

635������ Legally induced abortion

636������ Illegally induced abortion

637������ Unspecified abortion

638������ Failed attempted abortion

639������ Complications following abortion and ectopic and molar pregnancies

Complications mainly related to pregnancy (640-649)

640������ Hemorrhage in early pregnancy

641������ Antepartum hemorrhage, abruptio placentae, and placenta previa

642������ Hypertension complicating pregnancy, childbirth, and the puerperium

643������ Excessive vomiting in pregnancy

644������ Early or threatened labor

645������ Prolonged pregnancy

646������ Other complications of pregnancy, not elsewhere classified

647������ Infective and parasitic conditions in the mother classifiable elsewhere but complicating pregnancy, childbirth, and the puerperium

648������ Other current conditions in the mother classifiable elsewhere but complicating pregnancy, childbirth, and the puerperium

649������ Other conditions or status of the mother complicating pregnancy, childbirth, or the puerperium

Normal delivery, and other indications for care in pregnancy, labor, and delivery (650-659)

650������ Normal delivery

651������ Multiple gestation

652������ Malposition and malpresentation of fetus

653������ Disproportion

654������ Abnormality of organs and soft tissues of pelvis

655������ Known or suspected fetal abnormality affecting management of mother

656������ Other fetal and placental problems affecting management of mother

657������ Polyhydramnios

658������ Other problems associated with amniotic cavity and membranes

659������ Other indications for care or intervention related to labor and delivery and not elsewhere classified

Complications occurring mainly in the course of labor and delivery (660-669)

660������ Obstructed labor

661������ Abnormality of forces of labor

662������ Long labor

663������ Umbilical cord complications

664������ Trauma to perineum and vulva during delivery

665������ Other obstetrical trauma

666������ Postpartum hemorrhage

667������ Retained placenta or membranes, without hemorrhage

668������ Complications of the administration of anesthetic or other sedation in labor and delivery

669������ Other complications of labor and delivery, not elsewhere classified

Complications of the puerperium (670-677)

670������ Major puerperal infection

671������ Venous complications in pregnancy and the puerperium

672������ Pyrexia of unknown origin during the puerperium

673������ Obstetrical pulmonary embolism

674������ Other and unspecified complications of the puerperium, not elsewhere classified

675������ Infections of the breast and nipple associated with childbirth

676������ Other disorders of the breast associated with childbirth, and disorders of lactation

677������ Late effect of complication of pregnancy, childbirth, and the puerperium


Infections of skin and subcutaneous tissue (680-686)

680������ Carbuncle and furuncle

681������ Cellulitis and abscess of finger and toe

682������ Other cellulitis and abscess

683������ Acute lymphadenitis

684������ Impetigo

685������ Pilonidal cyst

686������ Other local infections of skin and subcutaneous tissue

Other inflammatory conditions of skin and subcutaneous tissue (690-698)

690������ Erythematosquamous dermatosis

691������ Atopic dermatitis and related conditions

692������ Contact dermatitis and other eczema

693������ Dermatitis due to substances taken internally

694������ Bullous dermatoses

695������ Erythematous conditions

696������ Psoriasis and similar disorders

697������ Lichen

698������ Pruritus and related conditions

Other diseases of skin and subcutaneous tissue (700-709)

700������ Corns and callosities

701������ Other hypertrophic and atrophic conditions of skin

702������ Other dermatoses

703������ Diseases of nail

704������ Diseases of hair and hair follicles

705������ Disorders of sweat glands

706������ Diseases of sebaceous glands

707������ Chronic ulcer of skin

708������ Urticaria

709������ Other disorders of skin and subcutaneous tissue


Arthropathies and related disorders (710-719)

710������ Diffuse diseases of connective tissue

711������ Arthropathy associated with infections

712������ Crystal arthropathies

713������ Arthropathy associated with other disorders classified elsewhere

714������ Rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory polyarthropathies

715������ Osteoarthrosis and allied disorders

716������ Other and unspecified arthropathies

717������ Internal derangement of knee

718������ Other derangement of joint

719������ Other and unspecified disorder of joint

Dorsopathies (720-724)

720������ Ankylosing spondylitis and other inflammatory spondylopathies

721������ Spondylosis and allied disorders

722������ Intervertebral disc disorders

723������ Other disorders of cervical region

724������ Other and unspecified disorders of back

Rheumatism, excluding the back (725-729)

725������ Polymyalgia rheumatica

726������ Peripheral enthesopathies and allied syndromes

727������ Other disorders of synovium, tendon, and bursa

728������ Disorders of muscle, ligament, and fascia

729������ Other disorders of soft tissues

Osteopathies, chondropathies, and acquired musculoskeletal deformities (730-739)

730������ Osteomyelitis, periostitis, and other infections involving bone

731������ Osteitis deformans and osteopathies associated with other disorders classified elsewhere

732������ Osteochondropathies

733������ Other disorders of bone and cartilage

734������ Flat foot

735������ Acquired deformities of toe

736������ Other acquired deformities of limbs

737������ Curvature of spine

738������ Other acquired deformity

739������ Nonallopathic lesions, not elsewhere classified


Congential anomalies (740-759)

740������ Anencephalus and similar anomalies

741������ Spina bifida

742������ Other congenital anomalies of nervous system

743������ Congenital anomalies of eye

744������ Congenital anomalies of ear, face, and neck

745������ Bulbus cordis anomalies and anomalies of cardiac septal closure

746������ Other congenital anomalies of heart

747������ Other congenital anomalies of circulatory system

748������ Congenital anomalies of respiratory system

749������ Cleft palate and cleft lip

750������ Other congenital anomalies of upper alimentary tract

751������ Other congenital anomalies of digestive system

752������ Congenital anomalies of genital organs

753������ Congenital anomalies of urinary system

754������ Certain congenital musculoskeletal deformities

755������ Other congenital anomalies of limbs

756������ Other congenital musculoskeletal anomalies

757������ Congenital anomalies of the integument

758������ Chromosomal anomalies

759������ Other and unspecified congenital anomalies


Maternal causes of perinatal morbidity and mortality (760-763)

760������ Fetus or newborn affected by maternal conditions which may be unrelated to present pregnancy

761������ Fetus or newborn affected by maternal complications of pregnancy

762������ Fetus or newborn affected by complications of placenta, cord, and membranes

763������ Fetus or newborn affected by other complications of labor and delivery

Other conditions originating in the perinatal period (764-779)

764������ Slow fetal growth and fetal malnutrition

765������ Disorders relating to short gestation and unspecified low birthweight

766������ Disorders relating to long gestation and high birthweight

767������ Birth trauma

768������ Intrauterine hypoxia and birth asphyxia

769������ Respiratory distress syndrome

770������ Other respiratory conditions of fetus and newborn

771������ Infections specific to the perinatal period

772������ Fetal and neonatal hemorrhage

773������ Hemolytic disease of fetus or newborn, due to isoimmunization

774������ Other perinatal jaundice

775������ Endocrine and metabolic disturbances specific to the fetus and newborn

776������ Hematological disorders of fetus and newborn

777������ Perinatal disorders of digestive system

778������ Conditions involving the integument and temperature regulation of fetus and newborn

779������ Other and ill-defined conditions originating in the perinatal period


Symptoms (780-789)

780������ General symptoms

781������ Symptoms involving nervous and musculoskeletal systems

782������ Symptoms involving skin and other integumentary tissue

783������ Symptoms concerning nutrition, metabolism, and development

784������ Symptoms involving head and neck

785������ Symptoms involving cardiovascular system

786������ Symptoms involving respiratory system and other chest symptoms

787������ Symptoms involving digestive system

788������ Symptoms involving urinary system

789������ Other symptoms involving abdomen and pelvis

Nonspecific abnormal findings (790-796)

790������ Nonspecific findings on examination of blood

791������ Nonspecific findings on examination of urine

792������ Nonspecific abnormal findings in other body substances

793������ Nonspecific abnormal findings on radiological and other examination of body structure

794������ Nonspecific abnormal results of function studies

795������ Nonspecific abnormal histological and immunological findings

796������ Other nonspecific abnormal findings

Ill-defined and unknown causes of morbidity and mortality (797-799)

797������ Senility without mention of psychosis

798������ Sudden death, cause unknown

799������ Other ill-defined and unknown causes of morbidity and mortality


Fracture of skull (800-804)

800������ Fracture of vault of skull

801������ Fracture of base of skull

802������ Fracture of face bones

803������ Other and unqualified skull fractures

804������ Multiple fractures involving skull or face with other bones

Fracture of spine and trunk (805-809)

805������ Fracture of vertebral column without mention of spinal cord lesion

806������ Fracture of vertebral column with spinal cord lesion

807������ Fracture of rib(s), sternum, larynx, and trachea

808������ Fracture of pelvis

809������ Ill-defined fractures of bones of trunk

Fracture of upper limb (810-819)

810������ Fracture of clavicle

811������ Fracture of scapula

812������ Fracture of humerus

813������ Fracture of radius and ulna

814������ Fracture of carpal bone(s)

815������ Fracture of metacarpal bone(s)

816������ Fracture of one or more phalanges of hand

817������ Multiple fractures of hand bones

818������ Ill-defined fractures of upper limb

819������ Multiple fractures involving both upper limbs, and upper limb with rib(s) and sternum

Fracture of lower limb (820-829)

820������ Fracture of neck of femur

821������ Fracture of other and unspecified parts of femur

822������ Fracture of patella

823������ Fracture of tibia and fibula

824������ Fracture of ankle

825������ Fracture of one or more tarsal and metatarsal bones

826������ Fracture of one or more phalanges of foot

827������ Other, multiple, and ill-defined fractures of lower limb

828������ Multiple fractures involving both lower limbs, lower with upper limb, and lower limb(s) with rib(s) and sternum

829������ Fracture of unspecified bones

Dislocation (830-839)

830������ Dislocation of jaw

831������ Dislocation of shoulder

832������ Dislocation of elbow

833������ Dislocation of wrist

834������ Dislocation of finger

835������ Dislocation of hip

836������ Dislocation of knee

837������ Dislocation of ankle

838������ Dislocation of foot

839������ Other, multiple, and ill-defined dislocations

Sprains and strains of joints and adjacent muscles (840-848)

840������ Sprains and strains of shoulder and upper arm

841������ Sprains and strains of elbow and forearm

842������ Sprains and strains of wrist and hand

843������ Sprains and strains of hip and thigh

844������ Sprains and strains of knee and leg

845������ Sprains and strains of ankle and foot

846������ Sprains and strains of sacroiliac region

847������ Sprains and strains of other and unspecified parts of back

848������ Other and ill-defined sprains and strains

Intracranial injury, excluding those with skull fracture (850-854)

850������ Concussion

851������ Cerebral laceration and contusion

852������ Subarachnoid, subdural, and extradural hemorrhage, following injury

853������ Other and unspecified intracranial hemorrhage following injury

854������ Intracranial injury of other and unspecified nature

Internal injury of chest, abdomen, and pelvis (860-869)

860������ Traumatic pneumothorax and hemothorax

861������ Injury to heart and lung

862������ Injury to other and unspecified intrathoracic organs

863������ Injury to gastrointestinal tract

864������ Injury to liver

865������ Injury to spleen

866������ Injury to kidney

867������ Injury to pelvic organs

868������ Injury to other intra-abdominal organs

869������ Internal injury to unspecified or ill-defined organs

Open wound of head, neck, and trunk (870-879)

870������ Open wound of ocular adnexa

871������ Open wound of eyeball

872������ Open wound of ear

873������ Other open wound of head

874������ Open wound of neck

875������ Open wound of chest (wall)

876������ Open wound of back

877������ Open wound of buttock

878������ Open wound of genital organs (external), including traumatic amputation

879������ Open wound of other and unspecified sites, except limbs

Open wound of upper limb (880-887)

880������ Open wound of shoulder and upper arm

881������ Open wound of elbow, forearm, and wrist

882������ Open wound of hand except finger(s) alone

883������ Open wound of finger(s)

884������ Multiple and unspecified open wound of upper limb

885������ Traumatic amputation of thumb (complete) (partial)

886������ Traumatic amputation of other finger(s) (complete) (partial)

887������ Traumatic amputation of arm and hand (complete) (partial)

Open wound of lower limb (890-897)

890������ Open wound of hip and thigh

891������ Open wound of knee, leg [except thigh], and ankle

892������ Open wound of foot except toe(s) alone

893������ Open wound of toe(s)

894������ Multiple and unspecified open wound of lower limb

895������ Traumatic amputation of toe(s) (complete) (partial)

896������ Traumatic amputation of foot (complete) (partial)

897������ Traumatic amputation of leg(s) (complete) (partial)

Injury to blood vessels (900-904)

900������ Injury to blood vessels of head and neck

901������ Injury to blood vessels of thorax

902������ Injury to blood vessels of abdomen and pelvis

903������ Injury to blood vessels of upper extremity

904������ Injury to blood vessels of lower extremity and unspecified sites

Late effects of injuries, poisonings, toxic effects, and other external causes (905-909)

905������ Late effects of musculoskeletal and connective tissue injuries

906������ Late effects of injuries to skin and subcutaneous tissues

907������ Late effects of injuries to the nervous system

908������ Late effects of other and unspecified injuries

909������ Late effects of other and unspecified external causes

Superficial injury (910-919)

910������ Superficial injury of face, neck, and scalp except eye

911������ Superficial injury of trunk

912������ Superficial injury of shoulder and upper arm

913������ Superficial injury of elbow, forearm, and wrist

914������ Superficial injury of hand(s) except finger(s) alone

915������ Superficial injury of finger(s)

916������ Superficial injury of hip, thigh, leg, and ankle

917������ Superficial injury of foot and toe(s)

918������ Superficial injury of eye and adnexa

919������ Superficial injury of other, multiple, and unspecified sites

Contusion with intact skin surface (920-924)

920������ Contusion of face, scalp, and neck except eye(s)

921������ Contusion of eye and adnexa

922������ Contusion of trunk

923������ Contusion of upper limb

924������ Contusion of lower limb and of other and unspecified sites

Crushing injury (925-929)

925������ Crushing injury of face, scalp, and neck

926������ Crushing injury of trunk

927������ Crushing injury of upper limb

928������ Crushing injury of lower limb

929������ Crushing injury of multiple and unspecified sites

Effects of foreign body entering through orifice (930-939)

930������ Foreign body on external eye

931������ Foreign body in ear

932������ Foreign body in nose

933������ Foreign body in pharynx and larynx

934������ Foreign body in trachea, bronchus, and lung

935������ Foreign body in mouth, esophagus, and stomach

936������ Foreign body in intestine and colon

937������ Foreign body in anus and rectum

938������ Foreign body in digestive system, unspecified

939������ Foreign body in genitourinary tract

Burns (940-949)

940������ Burn confined to eye and adnexa

941������ Burn of face, head, and neck

942������ Burn of trunk

943������ Burn of upper limb, except wrist and hand

944������ Burn of wrist(s) and hand(s)

945������ Burn of lower limb(s)

946������ Burns of multiple specified sites

947������ Burn of internal organs

948������ Burns classified according to extent of body surface involved

949������ Burn, unspecified

Injury to nerves and spinal cord (950-957)

950������ Injury to optic nerve and pathways

951������ Injury to other cranial nerve(s)

952������ Spinal cord injury without evidence of spinal bone injury

953������ Injury to nerve roots and spinal plexus

954������ Injury to other nerve(s) of trunk excluding shoulder and pelvic girdles

955������ Injury to peripheral nerve(s) of shoulder girdle and upper limb

956������ Injury to peripheral nerve(s) of pelvic girdle and lower limb

957������ Injury to other and unspecified nerves

Certain traumatic complications and unspecified injuries (958-959)

958������ Certain early complications of trauma

959������ Injury, other and unspecified

Poisoning by drugs, medicinals and biological substances (960-979)

960������ Poisoning by antibiotics

961������ Poisoning by other anti-infectives

962������ Poisoning by hormones and synthetic substitutes

963������ Poisoning by primarily systemic agents

964������ Poisoning by agents primarily affecting blood constituents

965������ Poisoning by analgesics, antipyretics, and antirheumatics

966������ Poisoning by anticonvulsants and anti-Parkinsonism drugs

967������ Poisoning by sedatives and hypnotics

968������ Poisoning by other central nervous system depressants and anesthetics

969������ Poisoning by psychotropic agents

970������ Poisoning by central nervous system stimulants

971������ Poisoning by drugs primarily affecting the autonomic nervous system

972������ Poisoning by agents primarily affecting the cardiovascular system

973������ Poisoning by agents primarily affecting the gastrointestinal system

974������ Poisoning by water, mineral, and uric acid metabolism drugs

975������ Poisoning by agents primarily acting on the smooth and skeletal muscles and respiratory system

976������ Poisoning by agents primarily affecting skin and mucous membrane, ophthalmological, otorhinolaryngological, and dental drugs

977������ Poisoning by other and unspecified drugs and medicinals

978������ Poisoning by bacterial vaccines

979������ Poisoning by other vaccines and biological substances

Toxic effects of substances chiefly nonmedicinal as to source (980-989)

980������ Toxic effect of alcohol

981������ Toxic effect of petroleum products

982������ Toxic effect of solvents other than petroleum-based

983������ Toxic effect of corrosive aromatics, acids, and caustic alkalis

984������ Toxic effect of lead and its compounds (including fumes)

985������ Toxic effect of other metals

986������ Toxic effect of carbon monoxide

987������ Toxic effect of other gases, fumes, or vapors

988������ Toxic effect of noxious substances eaten as food

989������ Toxic effect of other substances, chiefly nonmedicinal as to source

Other and unspecified effects of external causes (990-995)

990������ Effects of radiation, unspecified

991������ Effects of reduced temperature

992������ Effects of heat and light

993������ Effects of air pressure

994������ Effects of other external causes

995������ Certain adverse effects, not elsewhere classified

Complications of surgical and medical care, not elsewhere classified (996-999)

996������ Complications peculiar to certain specified procedures

997������ Complications affecting specified body systems, not elsewhere classified

998������ Other complications of procedures, not elsewhere classified

999������ Complications of medical care, not elsewhere classified


Persons with potential health hazards related to communicable diseases (V01-V09)

V01����� Contact with or exposure to communicable diseases

V02����� Carrier or suspected carrier of infectious diseases

V03����� Need for prophylactic vaccination and inoculation against bacterial diseases

V04����� Need for prophylactic vaccination and inoculation against certain viral diseases

V05����� Need for other prophylactic vaccination and inoculation against single diseases

V06����� Need for prophylactic vaccination and inoculation against combinations of diseases

V07����� Need for isolation and other prophylactic measures

V08����� Asymptomatic human immunodeficiency virus [HIV] infection status

V09����� Infection with drug-resistant microorganisms

Persons with potential health hazards related to personal and family history (V10-V19)

V10����� Personal history of malignant neoplasm

V11����� Personal history of mental disorder

V12����� Personal history of certain other diseases

V13����� Personal history of other diseases

V14����� Personal history of allergy to medicinal agents

V15����� Other personal history presenting hazards to health

V16����� Family history of malignant neoplasm

V17����� Family history of certain chronic disabling diseases

V18����� Family history of certain other specific conditions

V19����� Family history of other conditions

Persons encountering health services in circumstances related to reproduction and development (V20-V29)

V20����� Health supervision of infant or child

V21����� Constitutional states in development

V22����� Normal pregnancy

V23����� Supervision of high-risk pregnancy

V24����� Postpartum care and examination

V25����� Encounter for contraceptive management

V26����� Procreative management

V27����� Outcome of delivery

V28����� Antenatal screening

V29����� Observation and evaluation of newborns and infants for suspected condition not found

Liveborn infants according to type of birth (V30-V39)

V30����� Single liveborn

V31����� Twin, mate liveborn

V32����� Twin, mate stillborn

V33����� Twin, unspecified

V34����� Other multiple, mates all liveborn

V35����� Other multiple, mates all stillborn

V36����� Other multiple, mates live- and stillborn

V37����� Other multiple, unspecified

V39����� Unspecified

Persons with a condition influencing their health status (V40-V49)

V40����� Mental and behavioral problems

V41����� Problems with special senses and other special functions

V42����� Organ or tissue replaced by transplant

V43����� Organ or tissue replaced by other means

V44����� Artificial opening status

V45����� Other postsurgical states

V46����� Other dependence on machines

V47����� Other problems with internal organs

V48����� Problems with head, neck, and trunk

V49����� Problems with limbs and other problems

Persons encountering health services for specific procedures and aftercare (V50-V59)

V50����� Elective surgery for purposes other than remedying health states

V51����� Aftercare involving the use of plastic surgery

V52����� Fitting and adjustment of prosthetic device

V53����� Fitting and adjustment of other device

V54����� Other orthopedic aftercare

V55����� Attention to artificial openings

V56����� Encounter for dialysis and dialysis catheter care

V57����� Care involving use of rehabilitation procedures

V58����� Other and unspecified aftercare

V59����� Donors

Persons encountering health services in other circumstances (V60-V69)

V60����� Housing, household, and economic circumstances

V61����� Other family circumstances

V62����� Other psychosocial circumstances

V63����� Unavailability of other medical facilities for care

V64����� Persons encountering health services for specific procedures, not carried out

V65����� Other persons seeking consultation without complaint or sickness

V66����� Convalescence and palliative care

V67����� Follow-up examination

V68����� Encounters for administrative purposes

V69����� Problems related to lifestyle

Persons without reported diagnosis encountered during examination and investigation of individuals and populations (V70-V82)

V70����� General medical examination

V71����� Observation and evaluation for suspected conditions

V72����� Special investigations and examinations

V73����� Special screening examination for viral and chlamydial diseases

V74����� Special screening examination for bacterial and spirochetal diseases

V75����� Special screening examination for other infectious diseases

V76����� Special screening for malignant neoplasms

V77����� Special screening for endocrine, nutritional, metabolic, and immunity disorders

V78����� Special screening for disorders of blood and blood-forming organs

V79����� Special screening for mental disorders and developmental handicaps

V80����� Special screening for neurological, eye, and ear diseases

V81����� Special screening for cardiovascular, respiratory, and genitourinary diseases

V82����� Special screening for other conditions

Genetics (V83-V84)

V83����� Genetic carrier status

V84����� Genetic susceptibility to malignant neoplasm

Body Mass Index (V85)

V85����� Body mass index

Estrogen Receptor Status (V86)

V86����� Estrogen receptor status


Railway accidents (E800-E807)

E800���� Railway accident involving collision with rolling stock

E801���� Railway accident involving collision with other object

E802���� Railway accident involving derailment without antecedent collision

E803���� Railway accident involving explosion, fire, or burning

E804���� Fall in, on, or from railway train

E805���� Hit by rolling stock

E806���� Other specified railway accident

E807���� Railway accident of unspecified nature

Motor vehicle traffic accidents (E810-E819)

E810���� Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with train

E811���� Motor vehicle traffic accident involving re-entrant collision with another motor vehicle

E812���� Other motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle

E813���� Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with other vehicle

E814���� Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with pedestrian

E815���� Other motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision on the highway

E816���� Motor vehicle traffic accident due to loss of control, without collision on the highway

E817���� Noncollision motor vehicle traffic accident while boarding or alighting

E818���� Other noncollision motor vehicle traffic accident

E819���� Motor vehicle traffic accident of unspecified nature

Motor vehicle nontraffic accidents (E820-E825)

E820���� Nontraffic accident involving motor-driven snow vehicle

E821���� Nontraffic accident involving other off-road motor vehicle

E822���� Other motor vehicle nontraffic accident involving collision with moving object

E823���� Other motor vehicle nontraffic accident involving collision with stationary object

E824���� Other motor vehicle nontraffic accident while boarding and alighting

E825���� Other motor vehicle nontraffic accident of other and unspecified nature

Other road vehicle accidents (E826-E829)

E826 Pedal cycle accident

E827 Animal-drawn vehicle accident

E828 Accident involving animal being ridden

E829 Other road vehicle accidents

Water transport accidents (E830-E838)

E830���� Accident to watercraft causing submersion

E831���� Accident to watercraft causing other injury

E832���� Other accidental submersion or drowning in water transport accident

E833���� Fall on stairs or ladders in water transport

E834���� Other fall from one level to another in water transport

E835���� Other and unspecified fall in water transport

E836���� Machinery accident in water transport

E837���� Explosion, fire, or burning in watercraft

E838���� Other and unspecified water transport accident

Air and space transport accidents (E840-E845)

E840���� Accident to powered aircraft at takeoff or landing

E841���� Accident to powered aircraft, other and unspecified

E842���� Accident to unpowered aircraft

E843���� Fall in, on, or from aircraft

E844���� Other specified air transport accidents

E845���� Accident involving spacecraft

Vehicle accidents, not elsewhere classifiable (E846-E849)

E846���� Accidents involving powered vehicles used solely within the buildings and premises of an industrial or commercial establishment

E847���� Accidents involving cable cars not running on rails

E848���� Accidents involving other vehicles, not elsewhere classifiable

E849���� Place of occurrence

Accidental poisoning by drugs, medicinal substances, and biologicals (E850-E858)

E850���� Accidental poisoning by analgesics, antipyretics, and antirheumatics

E851���� Accidental-poisoning by barbiturates

E852���� Accidental poisoning by other sedatives and hypnotics

E853���� Accidental poisoning by tranquilizers

E854���� Accidental poisoning by other psychotropic agents

E855���� Accidental poisoning by other drugs acting on central and autonomic nervous systems

E856���� Accidental poisoning by antibiotics

E857���� Accidental poisoning by anti-infectives

E858���� Accidental poisoning by other drugs

Accidental poisoning by other solid and liquid substances, gases, and vapors (E860-E869)

E860���� Accidental poisoning by alcohol, not elsewhere classified

E861���� Accidental poisoning by cleansing and polishing agents, disinfectants, paints, and varnishes

E862���� Accidental poisoning by petroleum products, other solvents and their vapors, not elsewhere classified

E863���� Accidental poisoning by agricultural and horticultural chemical and pharmaceutical preparations other than plant foods and fertilizers

E864���� Accidental poisoning by corrosives and caustics, not elsewhere classified

E865���� Accidental poisoning from poisonous foodstuffs and poisonous plants

E866���� Accidental poisoning by other and unspecified solid and liquid substances

E867���� Accidental poisoning by gas distributed by pipeline

E868���� Accidental poisoning by other utility gas and other carbon monoxide

E869���� Accidental poisoning by other gases and vapors

Misadventures to patients during surgical and medical care (E870-E876)

E870���� Accidental cut, puncture, perforation, or hemorrhage during medical care

E871���� Foreign object left in body during procedure

E872���� Failure of sterile precautions during procedure

E873���� Failure in dosage

E874���� Mechanical failure of instrument or apparatus during procedure

E875���� Contaminated or infected blood, other fluid, drug, or biological substance

E876���� Other and unspecified misadventures during medical care

Surgical and medical procedures as the cause of abnormal reaction of patient or later complication, without mention of misadventure at the time of procedure (E878-E879)

E878���� Surgical operation and other surgical procedures as the cause of abnormal reaction of patient, or of later complication, without mention of misadventure at the time of operation

E879���� Other procedures, without mention of misadventure at the time of procedure, as the cause of abnormal reaction of patient, or of later complication

Accidental falls (E880-E888)

E880���� Fall on or from stairs or steps

E881���� Fall on or from ladders or scaffolding

E882���� Fall from or out of building or other structure

E883���� Fall into hole or other opening in surface

E884���� Other fall from one level to another

E885���� Fall on same level from slipping, tripping, or stumbling

E886���� Fall on same level from collision, pushing or shoving, by or with other person

E887���� Fracture, cause unspecified

E888���� Other and unspecified fall

Accidents caused by fire and flames (E890-E899)

E890���� Conflagration in private dwelling

E891���� Conflagration in other and unspecified building or structure

E892���� Conflagration not in building or structure

E893���� Accident caused by ignition of clothing

E894���� Ignition of highly inflammable material

E895���� Accident caused by controlled fire in private dwelling

E896���� Accident caused by controlled fire in other and unspecified building or structure

E897���� Accident caused by controlled fire not in building or structure

E898���� Accident caused by other specified fire and flames

E899���� Accident caused by unspecified fire

Accidents due to natural and environmental factors (E900-E909)

E900���� Excessive heat

E901���� Excessive cold

E902���� High and low air pressure and changes in air pressure

E903���� Travel and motion

E904���� Hunger, thirst, exposure, and neglect

E905���� Venomous animals and plants as the cause of poisoning and toxic reactions

E906���� Other injury caused by animals

E907���� Lightning

E908���� Cataclysmic storms, and floods resulting from storms

E909���� Cataclysmic earth surface movements and eruptions

Accidents caused by submersion, suffocation, and foreign bodies (E910-E915)

E910���� Accidental drowning and submersion

E911���� Inhalation and ingestion of food causing obstruction of respiratory tract or suffocation

E912���� Inhalation and ingestion of other object causing obstruction of respiratory tract or suffocation

E913���� Accidental mechanical suffocation

E914���� Foreign body accidentally entering eye and adnexa

E915���� Foreign body accidentally entering other orifice

Other accidents (E916-E928)

E916���� Struck accidentally by falling object

E917���� Striking against or struck accidentally by objects or persons

E918���� Caught accidentally in or between objects

E919���� Accidents caused by machinery

E920���� Accidents caused by cutting and piercing instruments or objects

E921���� Accident caused by explosion of pressure vessel

E922���� Accident caused by firearm missile

E923���� Accident caused by explosive material

E924���� Accident caused by hot substance or object, caustic or corrosive material, and steam

E925���� Accident caused by electric current

E926���� Exposure to radiation

E927���� Overexertion and strenuous movements

E928���� Other and unspecified environmental and accidental causes

Late effects of accidental injury (E929)

E929���� Late effects of accidental injury

Drugs, medicinal and biological substances causing adverse effects in therapeutic use (E930-E949)

E930���� Antibiotics

E931���� Other anti-infectives

E932���� Hormones and synthetic substitutes

E933���� Primarily systemic agents

E934���� Agents primarily affecting blood constituents

E935���� Analgesics, antipyretics, and antirheumatics

E936���� Anticonvulsants and anti-Parkinsonism drugs

E937���� Sedatives and hypnotics

E938���� Other central nervous system depressants and anesthetics

E939���� Psychotropic agents

E940���� Central nervous system stimulants

E941���� Drugs primarily affecting the autonomic nervous system

E942���� Agents primarily affecting the cardiovascular system

E943���� Agents primarily affecting gastrointestinal system

E944���� Water, mineral, and uric acid metabolism drugs

E945���� Agents primarily acting on the smooth and skeletal muscles and respiratory system

E946���� Agents primarily affecting skin and mucous membrane, ophthalmological, otorhinolaryngological, and dental drugs

E947���� Other and unspecified drugs and medicinal substances

E948���� Bacterial vaccines

E949���� Other vaccines and biological substances

Suicide and self-inflicted injury (E950-E959)

E950���� Suicide and self-inflicted poisoning by solid or liquid substances

E951���� Suicide and self-inflicted poisoning by gases in domestic use

E952���� Suicide and self-inflicted poisoning by other gases and vapors

E953���� Suicide and self-inflicted injury by hanging, strangulation, and suffocation

E954���� Suicide and self-inflicted injury by submersion [drowning]

E955���� Suicide and self-inflicted injury by firearms and explosives

E956���� Suicide and self-inflicted injury by cutting and piercing instruments

E957���� Suicide and self-inflicted injuries by jumping from high place

E958���� Suicide and self-inflicted injury by other and unspecified means

E959���� Late effects of self-inflicted injury

Homicide and injury purposely inflicted by other persons (E960-E969)

E960���� Fight, brawl, and rape

E961���� Assault by corrosive or caustic substance, except poisoning

E962���� Assault by poisoning

E963���� Assault by hanging and strangulation

E964���� Assault by submersion [drowning]

E965���� Assault by firearms and explosives

E966���� Assault by cutting and piercing instrument

E967���� Child and adult battering and other maltreatment

E968���� Assault by other and unspecified means

E969���� Late effects of injury purposely inflicted by other person

Legal intervention (E970-E978)

E970���� Injury due to legal intervention by firearms

E971���� Injury due to legal intervention by explosives

E972���� Injury due to legal intervention by gas

E973���� Injury due to legal intervention by blunt object

E974���� Injury due to legal intervention by cutting and piercing instruments

E975���� Injury due to legal intervention by other specified means

E976���� Injury due to legal intervention by unspecified means

E977���� Late effects of injuries due to legal intervention

E978���� Legal execution

E979���� Terrorism

Injury undetermined whether accidentally or purposely inflicted (E980-E989)

E980���� Poisoning by solid or liquid substances, undetermined whether accidentally or purposely inflicted

E981���� Poisoning by gases in domestic use, undetermined whether accidentally or purposely inflicted

E982���� Poisoning by other gases, undetermined whether accidentally or purposely inflicted

E983���� Hanging, strangulation, or suffocation, undetermined whether accidentally or purposely inflicted

E984���� Submersion [drowning], undetermined whether accidentally or purposely inflicted

E985���� Injury by firearms and explosives, undetermined whether accidentally or purposely inflicted

E986���� Injury by cutting and piercing instruments, undetermined whether accidentally or purposely inflicted

E987���� Falling from high place, undetermined whether accidentally or purposely inflicted

E988���� Injury by other and unspecified means, undetermined whether accidentally or purposely inflicted

E989���� Late effects of injury, undetermined whether accidentally or purposely inflicted

Injury resulting from operations of war (E990-E999)

E990���� Injury due to war operations by fires and conflagrations

E991���� Injury due to war operations by bullets and fragments

E992���� Injury due to war operations by explosion of marine weapons

E993���� Injury due to war operations by other explosion

E994���� Injury due to war operations by destruction of aircraft

E995���� Injury due to war operations by other and unspecified forms of conventional warfare

E996���� Injury due to war operations by nuclear weapons

E997���� Injury due to war operations by other forms of unconventional warfare

E998���� Injury due to war operations but occurring after cessation of hostilities

E999���� Late effects of injury due to war operationsVOLUME 2-INDEX TO DISEASES






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